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Do You Want All Your GC Backups To Work On Any Media??

Discussion in 'Nintendo Gamecube - General discussion' started by gjac1, Jan 28, 2005.

  1. gjac1

    gjac1 Member

    Jan 26, 2005
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    I have tried this method myself on games like RE4 and Metroid Prime 2 and it works 100%.

    All credit for this goes to burpy over at dvdrom-guide

    Ok, the GC scene is abit of a mess really, what release to get, what one works and what doesn't, whats been stripped and what hasn't - all making that final burn to dvdr a gamble

    anyway what you need is fstfix13f or as its known properly -Wiped GCM Fixer!

    run this on every scene release and you'll end up with 100% error free images on everygame that works perfectly, even on games like Mario tennis which gives laser focus problem is now fixed.

    That is on full size dvdr!

    1) In windows, click on the start menu then click execute.
    2) A prompt will open asking u for input.
    3) Type in "cmd" without the quotes then hit enter
    4) a black dos box should open.
    5) locate the folder where your iso or gcm are, make sure that fstfix
    is in that folder too. (if its in your d drive inside the folder
    gamecube then you would type in "d:" without the quotes then hit
    enter "cd gamecube" without the quotes then hit enter)
    6) inside the dosbox type in "fstfix13f name.iso f t s" without the
    quotes then hit enter. (replace name.iso with the actual name of your
    iso or gcm)

    so mine is:
    J: (press enter)
    cd new folder (press enter)
    fstfix13f (nameofimagefilehere) f s t (press enter)

    program starts-wait till complete

    switches are:
    g=3 gigs
    s f=stream fix+1.5gigs
    s g=stream fix=3gigs
    t f=tweak align+1.5gig
    t g=tweak align+3gig
    f t s=streamfix+tweak+1.5gig

    just use f s t
  2. speedi

    speedi Member

    Dec 24, 2004
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    I would Like to comment on this
    It doesn't work for Mario Power Tennis.

    I would like the detailes Explination for the Switches


    Teh Fullsize I get
    But what does the 32K alignemnt do
    And what does the Streamfix do


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