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Dont BOTHER i figured it out

Discussion in 'Xbox - Software discussion' started by Wylee, Jun 30, 2007.

  1. Wylee

    Wylee Guest

    Hi same box as the "version OLD" one. But thise time, when i try to connect to xbox live to update the dash, the screen goes blank. WHen i go into the softmod menu using SC and go to file explorer then indo the D drive and launch dashupdate.xbe, the screen goes blank. I looked in C there was no files in C and the tut that the guy gave me on the first thread about this xbox sed to delete all the files in C and put the ones that u download in the link. I have the ones from the link but there are no files to delete in the C drive of the xbox, i dont want to continue cuz i dont wanna fusk up this persons Xbox.WHen i boot with anyother game other then SC i get error 13. WHen i boot with no game i get error 13. SOmetimes even when i boot with SC i get error 13. What shud i do? he may be coming for it tomrow!
  2. Wylee

    Wylee Guest

    SORYY GUYS i figured it out dont reply to this

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