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Downloadable content ideas! TELL 'EM LIKE IT IS!

Discussion in 'Xbox - General discussion' started by Spartan08, Dec 26, 2004.

  1. Spartan08

    Spartan08 Guest

    I started this because I have so many ideas for downloadable content that it's not even funny. I hope to even send this post to Bungie when I have like 20 ideas together and see if they'll listen to more of us. Twenty isn't a lot, I know. But it's more than one. Anyways, here's my ideas:
    1) Customizable weapons. I think that the field would be more fun if someone could bring out their baby with them. My idea was Bungie could set up a seperate server on Live! that is sort of a digital store. What they can do is, on Live!, they could give a person more "money" for medals they get (Matchmaking only. Otherwise it's just cheap to keep doing stuff on a Custom and getting "money" for it). Then, the person could go to the store and upgrade, say, a sniper rifle. Not rocket launchers or anything because that's way too powerful. But figure a person upgrades their rifle and they select a special option to enable the weapon. But, to be fair, it's only available in Custom games. But, I know some of you are thinking 'Well then someone can just upgrade them to be the ultimate weapon...' and I thought of that, too. Which is why I think every part should have a drawback. Like, if someone wanted to hook a silencer to their sniper so they're not heard, maybe the bullet trail should stay longer. Or maybe they want to put better fins of the bullets so that when they fire, their more accurate, but maybe the bullet doesn't go nearly as fast. Anyways, tell me what you think of that if you want. I thought it was cool.
    2) MAKE A DARK LEVEL! This would go along perfectly with the store idea. Figure one of the items is a flashlight you can hook onto the bottom of the weapon barrel. Only for like pistol, SMG, Battle Rifle, and even basic covy weapons. It would encourage using stealth and also definitely reaction time and attention. It makes tactical moves more real, too. It's just a realism illusion that can be added and isn't necessarily pointless.

    If you're going to post your ideas, please make it sound fair if it's some sort of combat thing. Do not make it so the person with the content reigns supreme on people who don't. Everything should include some sort of sacrifice. Hell, make ideas for gun decals if you want. Whatever. JUST POST YOUR IDEAS!
    ~Spartan 008~
  2. Shadowen

    Shadowen Guest

    You kinda have a good Idea, but some of the stuff is, well stupid. But an online store that rewards you with flahslights,custimizable stocks, spring sets for less recoil, different scopes sights/zoom, being able to buy more emblems, being able to get the atv back, the flamethrower, all of the jeeps they promised us, the sprint button, also being able to customize color of your gun like, gold plating on the pistol. That is my list so far!

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