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downloaded movie compression

Discussion in 'Video to DVD' started by pwicharle, May 4, 2005.

  1. pwicharle

    pwicharle Guest

    I just wanted to ask if i downloaded a movie from the internet and wanted to put it on a DVD and using nero and it said it was to big how can i compress it to fit onto a normal 4.7gb dvd? I've tried alot of different programs and they still dont do the trick for me. Also I wanted to ask how to convert a movie form widescreen to full screen so I can get rid of the TMD logo from the bottom.

    Thank You
  2. rebootjim

    rebootjim Active member

    May 13, 2004
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    Don't bother. TMD encodes are done at half framerate (14.985fps), and the quality sucks...however...If you MUST, here's how:

    Get virtualdub and tmpgenc plus.
    Install both.
    Open the folder where you installed virtualdub, and click on AuxSetup.exe
    Open the first part in virtualdub.
    Select File, append avi segment, and load the second part.
    Select Video, Filters, Add, Sharpen, and move the slider up to 20.
    Click OK.
    Click Cropping.
    Crop off the top and bottom black bars (and the logo), so you're only left with the actual movie showing.
    Click Audio, Full Processing.
    Click File, Save .WAV and save the audio to your hard drive.
    Click File, Start Frameserver, click start, give it a name, making sure that it ends with .vdr (something like "thismovie.vdr").
    Open Tmpgenc, cancel the wizard.
    Beside video source, click Browse, and find the .vdr
    Click the Setting button.
    On the video tab, set it thus:
    Stream type: Mpeg-2 video
    Size: 720x480
    Aspect ratio: 4:3
    Framerate 14.985fps internal, 29.97fps external
    Rate control mode: 2 pass VBR
    Click the setting button beside it, and set max at 6000kbps, min at 4000kbps and average at 5000kbps.
    Go down to Video Format, set it to NTSC
    Encode Mode: non-interlace
    DC Component precision: 10
    Motion search precision: High quality (not Highest!)
    Click on the Advanced tab.
    Set it thus:
    Video Source: Non-interlaced
    Field Order: Bottom field first
    Source aspect ratio: 1:1 VGA
    video arrange method: Full Screen, Keep aspect ratio 2
    Double click on Noise Reduction.
    Put a tick mark in High Quality. Click OK.
    Click OK again.
    Beside Audio Source, click the Browse button.
    Find the .WAV you saved earlier.
    Make sure there's a black dot in the "System (video + Audio)" place.
    Click Start.
    Go to bed.
    The next morning, author and burn the finished mpg.

    For anyone curious, these settings are generally good settings, ONLY for TMD downloads. Any other source material may require completely different settings. Your mileage may vary. :)

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