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downloaded movies are poor quality

Discussion in 'Other video questions' started by sumspen, Apr 5, 2003.

  1. sumspen

    sumspen Guest

    I recently downloaded 2 weeks notice but the quality is very poor, then i downloaded another film which was perfect. How can i be sure to d/load good quality and how do i know before i d/load what the quality will be like????
  2. Shoey

    Shoey Guest

    I usually go by the size of the file(s). Examples:
    DivX: 700 megabyte (or more) 1 or 2 cd's
    VCD(MPEG1): 700 megabytes or 1 cd
    SVCD(MPEG2):700 megabytes, [bold]definatly [/bold] 2 or 3 cd's (files)

    This is just a general guideline. I backup SVCD and the majority of my backups are 2 cd's,longer movies 3 cd's. From time to time I also backup DivX and my files are at least 700 megabytes, usually 1 cd. This is [bold] NO [/bold] guarentee the files you download will be of great video quality, just a guideline m8.

    Shoey :)
  3. obieobied

    obieobied Member

    Mar 16, 2003
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    Well sumspen this all depends on the client you are downloading it from.
    If its from KaZaA, what im about to tell u is very unhelpful, because KaZaA is FULL of fakes and movies taken from the low-quality places. So you might find a movie saying Daredevil, while in fact its The Lion King.
    In case you are using something else, go by these guidelines:

    Movies are names in a specific format:

    Here's an example: (not actual)

    this means that the movie was taken from a VHS tape, and that VHS tape may have a message about piracy every 15mins or so scrolling along the bottom of the movie. The quality is pretty good, and these are released in

    This means that it was taken from a DVD and is in SVCD or DivX/XViD, the rest is the same as SCREENER.
    These are VERY good quality.

    Daredevil.CAM-UTi or Daredevil.TS.UTi or Daredevil.TC.UTi

    This means that movie has been recorded in the movie theater with a camera on a stand.
    These movies arent very good quality and they are released in VCD, and very rarely in SVCD.

    Now on KaZaA there are alot of movies taken from an irc channel called #TMD-movies, and you may see #tmd-movies and irc.criten.net written on the bottom of the movie, the whole time. The movies are always in DivX, and are VERY VERY bad quality.
    What these ppl at TMD do, is they take the original released SCREENER / CAM / DVDSCREENER and they convert it to AVI. And they lower the quality alot to make it about 200MB per CD, while the other three are always 700 or 800MB per CD. So NEVER download these, the quality is just horrible.

    So if you want perfect quality movies, just search for DVDSCREENER, or DVDRIP (which is taken from a retail DVD, with no messages on the bottom).
    Some places even have DVD-Rs which most of the time is 100% the quality of the original DVD (but this will make the file as big as 5GB).
    Hope this helps...

  4. nik99

    nik99 Regular member

    Mar 24, 2003
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    dude..this shore helps alot..i have been working on these principles fo some time now..helps reduce chances of fakes and low quality files..
    also fake files generally show length of 1.02.28 .

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