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Downloaded Movies to a DVD

Discussion in 'DVDR' started by NewbEli, Apr 26, 2003.

  1. NewbEli

    NewbEli Guest

    heres the scenario, i just bought my dvd burner like 2 days ago and i downloaded movies off grokster to make dvds. well i have a Sony Dru-500A DVD+/-RW/R+/-/CD and it came with a DVD+RW 120 min 4.7GB. well i downloaded austin powers and i wanted to make it a dvd . so i opened up Sonic MyDVD and i added the movies but it excedded the limit. so what i did to just make sure that its workin is found a tiny clip of car racing and burned it it worked on my dvd burner but not on my dvd player . i looked up my dvd player on the internt to find out that it is only compatible with DVD and DVD-R. so that problem was fixed. but i still dont have how to combine the two files to make 1 dvd. does anyone know what programs i can use to make it, or what i should do . please write back thank you.
  2. jay973

    jay973 Guest

    If its 2 files that you want to join together then virtualdub is your best way.

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