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DPV642 Playing MPEG2 Files ?

Discussion in 'DVD players' started by amxhunter, Aug 25, 2004.

  1. amxhunter

    amxhunter Guest

    OK, I burned several DVD's and this is what I get doing a data DVD with the MPEG file copied to it.

    Inserting the DVD the player says loading , then goes to the Menu.

    In the Menu is "Root" and below that is the file name with MPEG2 right beside. So far so good.

    I push the play button, the Player says Play on screen and on the TV but the Screen stays with the Blue Phillips Logo.

    I can do a FF button and I see 4x 8x as if the movie is playing but no video or audio.

    Now the Player handles standard DVD's Fine and I can the MPEG2 Dvd to my PC and it Plays fine.

    Any Ideas ??
  2. amxhunter

    amxhunter Guest


    I can't believe somebody is not having the same problem.

    Burn data DVD with MPEG file on it. Put it in player.

    Menu comes on. Push play button.

    Player says play, screen says play. No audio or video

    however FF at all speeds comes on when selected. as if the player is running just nothing coming out.

    Any yes I upgraded the firmware today :)

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