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DR4-A HELP!!!!!

Discussion in 'DVD / Blu-ray drives' started by Chewtoy, Dec 16, 2003.

  1. Chewtoy

    Chewtoy Guest

    Help I got one of these drives DR4-A
    I can get it to burn and it will play on a computer but not in the Home DVD for the tv
    I burn to the HD then XCOPY burns to the Blank.
    I have updated the latest firm ware 2.3 something
    is it the cheap blanks I got or is this got to go back to the store
    I did notice this thing is burning to a MPG3 format but no way to change that any Help?
    Is there a cheap home DVD player that will play these copies from the DR4-A?
  2. Chewtoy

    Chewtoy Guest

    I am going to take this back from what I found on the web, there are no fixes for this thing. Its just going to be nothing but problems
    With or without the Firmware updates.
    Unable to veiw backup copies of DVD on home DVD players they just get choppy lockup, And pixels get big and blocky.
    Doesnt matter what blanks you use or what burning software you try.
    Bottom line folks, this burner is one of the biggest POS I have ever had the mis-fortune of buying.
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