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Dual layer Dvd writers -Nec 3500A - compatible with easy cd &dvd creator 6 platinum

Discussion in 'DVDR' started by BIGTOXY69, Oct 25, 2004.

  1. BIGTOXY69

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    Jul 16, 2004
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    Dear friends

    Iam hoping to get a Nec 3500A dvd writer/burner for xmas. I already have the Nec ND-2500A 8X drive installed. my question is Using Easy CD& DVd Creator 6 Platinum will I be able to use the dual layer function and high speed 16x of this drive assuming that the media will allow high speed recording.? Or will I have to udpate or change software to do this? And if so to what? Also It's a minor thing but is it correct to refer to a dvd recordable computer drive as a dvd writer or is dvd burner considered acceptable. thanx again to all my friends & those I've yet to make . Ciaa baby- bigtoxy69

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