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Dual Layer -R Burners and Media

Discussion in 'DVD / Blu-ray drives' started by jpc00, Nov 23, 2004.

  1. jpc00

    jpc00 Guest

    I have a LiteOn LDW-851S and have not had any problems with it what-so-ever. I only burn DVD-R media because my Panasonic and JVC stand-alones seem to prefer these, in fact I'm pretty sure that the Panasonics will not play DVD+R (haven't really tried too much since DVD-R has always worked well).

    I have been thinking about buying a new, dual layer burner, but all I seem to find are DVD+R9 burners and media. Do they make DVD-R9 (dual layer) burners and media? I would like to stick with the LiteON brand as my current model has preformed quite well, but would switch brands if someone else made what I'm looking for. I know the price of dual layer media is still very high, and I will probably stick to burning single layer media until the price drops. My main concern is the compatability with my stand-alones. I don't think they will play DVD+R9 and I don't want to buy a dual layer burner now that won't work for me in the future.

    Any help, feedback, opinions, or tips would be greatly appreciated.
  2. nato1200

    nato1200 Member

    Oct 10, 2002
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    I read once they were to be released 4th qtr '04, but thats all the info I have ever seen. I read it on a site that sells media. I recently posted about the same thing with no responses, here...

    I can't believe it's so hard to get info on this.

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