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DV Audio Capture Problem

Discussion in 'Digital camcorders' started by aviceda, Jan 17, 2007.

  1. aviceda

    aviceda Member

    Feb 11, 2004
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    Recently I purchased a new box, a Pentium 4 Core 2 with Asus Motherboard and 2Gb RAM.
    I can get sound to play through the PC but cannot hear or capture it when transferring from my Sony HD3 Handycam through a Firewire card using XP's movie Maker, Pinnacle Studio 9 or VirtualDub.

    I've been told that it is probably a 'codec' problem but don't really no where to start 'troubleshooting' this.

    Can anyone help?

  2. onya

    onya Guest

    Hi aviceda, This link should give you the info you need with your capturing and transfering issues. If this is not the case or you need more, then use the search function at the top of the page, type in "codecs", hit the go button, and select from there. Keep us posted on how you go.


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