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DVB-C to analog tv-card through S-Video

Discussion in 'Video capturing from analog sources' started by GregToR, Jan 26, 2007.

  1. GregToR

    GregToR Member

    Jan 26, 2007
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    Hellooo everyone!

    I have a digibox from Telenet (Belgium), the only exits are 2 scarts...

    and because the digibox serial and the smartcards number are coupled and activated it's impossible to use the smartcard in another device
    (at least thats what they say, can't try it...)

    I know it's very stupid: digital - analog - digital, but it's probably the only way to protect the original digital content...

    I'm using a cheap tv-card I bought on eBay for $9,99: Buster Tv Card Philips 7130, cause I can record S-Video with it,
    so I connected the digibox to my pc though a scart adaptor http://img141.imagevenue.com/loc507/th_00730_105633_122_507lo.jpg that makes it possible to connect it to the S-Video exit on my tv-card
    (that tv-card sucks though: when tuning analog coax tv cable the tuning of the video does not match tuning of the audio, so when I've got good video, the audio is all scrambled noise (like not tuned)),

    the video quality is ok, but I can see some vertical lines...
    look: http://img162.imagevenue.com/img.php?image=68557_screencap_122_384lo.jpg (but on high motion video not very noticeable)

    is that because of my cheap tv-card? or they way that it's connected?
    (I can change the output settings of the Digibox to RGB, SVHS and CVBS)
    when I connect it with the Composite cable (CVBS) I don't seem to have those vertical lines, but more flickering (specially the text in menu's)

    RGB does not work, are there any tv-cards that support RGB and even have a scart connection? what tv-card and connection would be the best?

    The specifications of the Digibox:
    Video: MPEG-2 MP@ML
    Video rate: 1.5 - 15 Mbit/s

    so when I capture with analog pci tv-card, what Bit-rate should I use?

    I recorded with InterVideo WinDVR:

    [PAL DVD_6000]
    Format: MPEG-2 DVD

    Format: MPEG-1 Layer II
    Sampling Rate: 48.0 kHz 16-bit Stereo
    Bit Rate: 224 KBits/sec

    Size: 720x576
    Frame Rate: 25.00 frames/sec
    Bit Rate: 6000 KBits/sec

    Bit Rate: 6467 KBits/sec

    which is allready a lower bit-rate than its standard PAL DVD profile (which is 7200 KBits/sec !!!)

    but a 2 hour movie at 6000 KBits/sec is allready 5.3 GB... so it doesn't fit a single layer dvd...
    so logically that bitrate is far too high, cause it's higher than dvd quality
    (when considering the size...)

    another thing: in TMPGEnc MPEG Editor it says the video is VBR (constant quality), Maximum 9799 Kbps !!! (recorded at 6000 KBits/sec),
    now I've recorded with bit-rate of 5000 KBits/sec and then TMPGEnc MPEG Editor indicates a maximum of 7680 KBits/sec,
    so that's more than enough to not loose any video quality by the recording?


    thanks in advance, any help very much appreciated...

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  2. GregToR

    GregToR Member

    Jan 26, 2007
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    did some research:

    1 byte = 8 bits

    1024 kilobytes = 1 MB

    so 15 Mbits/sec or 15.000 Kbits/sec = 1875 Kbytes/sec

    so the Digibox supports video with a minimum of 1500 kbits/sec and a maximum of 15.000 kbits/sec

    I don't know how tv-stations work, they probably don't play the dvd's ;-) ?
    (does anyone know how they get the releases and how they broadcast them?)

    so if the orginal video being broadcasted is a DVD-9, it would probably be advised to use a bitrate of at least 7200 kbits/sec, and if it's a DVD-5 a bitrate of 5000 kbits/sec should be sufficient, right?

    so I'm going to conclude to use a bitrate of 6000 kbits/sec (at least)

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