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Discussion in 'DVDR' started by Chimp, Feb 12, 2004.

  1. Chimp

    Chimp Member

    Sep 2, 2003
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    [bold]Before I go ahead and ask my questions I have to say I'm new to this and this site is the best website ever. So many useful information I don't know where to start. I'm really new at this, bare with me. I want to ask few questions here that I think can help other noobs like myself. Feel free to answer any question you have knowledge of. Place the number before your answer so I know. And I want to Thank in advance for anyone who can educating me on this.[/bold]

    1) I've always thought that DVDR is only one thing. What is the different between DVD-R, DVD+RW, DVD-RW and DVD+R? The plus and the minus is what confusing me.

    2) I want to buy a DVD burner I'm tired of low quality VCD. When I encode something the video and audio turn uglier. Any sugestion on what brand I should go with? and how much?

    3) What is the best program to use with a DVD burner?

    4) Is it possible that DVD burner can record other format rather than just DVD movies I [bold]own?[/bold] (for example: wmv. asf. avi. mpeg-1. mpeg-2. VCD. stuff like that)

    5) if so, What program is that?

    6) What is the Kind of DVD DISC is best for recording? In anyone's humble opinion.

    7) Others useful information?

  2. Ketale

    Ketale Regular member

    Dec 1, 2003
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    Hi Chimp and welcome to the neighborhood!!

    Im just gonna give you a bunch of links to pages that contain the answers to your questions

    about +R
    about -R

    on these pages you'll find the glossary for all other appreviations and topics you might want to know.

    here you'll find comparisons and users opinions about different burners. But you must understand that encoding is not done with the burner, but with software. The burner just saves your encoded material to the dvdr.

    Compatibility chart


    Almost every existing burner listed with comments from owners


    This is a matter of opinion but if you're looking for a free software, DVD Shrink is propably the best tool for fast ripping, compressing and burning(with the Nero interface) all in one.

    Get it here
    A guide over here

    Most burning programs (Nero, Pinnacle or whatever comes with your burner) can burn almost anything on a dvdr. The question is will your standalone DVD player be able to play it. In this case the answer would be no to most of the formats you listed and on most players. Nevertheless you can convert most of the formats to DVD combatible formats (mpeg2 encoded into VOB:s, IFOs and BUP:s) so that your player will be able to play it.
    On this site you'll find guides for most conversions, just select from the format conversion box which format you want to convert in what and hopefully you'll find a guide for it.

    The above link will tell you which software you need for which conversion

    Again, this is a matter of opinion, I use both, but mostly -R.
    Read this article about media quality, it's really good

    Keep searching, you will find your answers! ;)

    Hope this helps!
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  3. Chimp

    Chimp Member

    Sep 2, 2003
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    Sweet you answer all my question. Thank you very much
  4. burngirl

    burngirl Guest

    Hey, Chimp. One Newb to another, you came to the right place... there's a lot of really knowlegeable (and helpful) people around here. I'm no expert, but...

    3) I have to agree with Ketale, Shrink is the best program to get started with (and its free). It allows you to get your feet wet with reauthoring, etc, but is really easy to use. Check out the great guides on this site as well as those listed by Ketale!

    6) I use mostly DVD -R to get the best compatibility with stand alone players. As far as brand, that's really an individual choice. I swear by Riteks, and have never had one fail on me. But I know some people who can't get them to play on their older players. Go for quality, but don't buy bulk until your sure what your player will like.

    7) Keep reading these threads. You'll get so much useful information, you'll get a headache.


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  5. pcshateme

    pcshateme Guest

    to copy dvds youll need a free program called DVD Shrink thats on this website- They claim DVD-R is more uni versal,but its not true- my friend has burned some -rs and they dont play inabout half the players he tried them in. I bought a +rw burner and it plays on ANYTHING i try. (dont be confused because dvd+r(W) for some reason its logo is an R and a W witch can make it a little confusing when bying blanks

    +RW and -rw dont work that well the best format is+R if you want the dvds to play in most dvd players. brand doesnt realy matter- i bought a cheap no name brand last january for $150 and its slow but works fine.

    you cannot copy dvds like a cd- you need DVD Shrink because the dvd movies hold more than dvdrs.

    and dvds can be used for data, audio, or video (like a cd) but if you put audio on it- it wont work in a cd player unless its dvd compatible

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