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DVD audio is out of sync on some players, others play it fine

Discussion in 'Video playback problems' started by bencuri, Aug 10, 2018.

  1. bencuri

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    Aug 10, 2018
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    I have problems with a frameserved file from Sony Vegas. I rendered a project from Vegas with HCEnc by the help of Debugmode Frameserver. I rendered it as mpeg, because I want to burn it on DVD. The mpeg itself plays fine on all devices, has very good quality, plays without framedrops, etc... But, when I author a DVD from it, problems arise. The problem is: when I play the DVD from an external USB DVD drive with BSPlayer on one of my computers, the DVD audio video is in sync. But when I play the same DVD from the same external drive with BSplayer on my another computer, the DVD audio becomes out of sync. And this goes similarly if I try other softwares and players. On my standalone DVD player the audio is out of sync, but when I play it on a third laptop on the internal DVD drive with Windows media player, it is in sync. I am talking about the same DVD in all cases.

    It seems to me the DVD created from the mentioned rendered file is not compatibile with some codecs on some platforms. Can you suggest a way to make it compatibile on all platforms? I have factory DVD's that play fine every way. I just don't know what is different in ther coding that makes this possible? Maybe I should set a padding for the audio, that some drives will consider, but some will skip, thus ensuring the playback will be in sync on all devices and softwares?

    The same problem happens in case I render the file from Sony Vegas directly.

    Let me emphasize again this problem arises when the rendered file is authored to a DVD. When the mpeg file is played itself, the playback is good.

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