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dvd audio

Discussion in 'High resolution audio' started by hirum, Sep 21, 2004.

  1. hirum

    hirum Member

    Sep 21, 2004
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    i would like to be able to lay down more than the 2 tracks of audio ( left and right on a rewritable dvd while making a video recording

    ie. a "vhs/home dvd burner" machine lets you lay down 2 tracks of audio while making a "real time " video recording

    i want 6,8 or 16 tracks of audio....AC-3?

    so i can play back the dvd after the band has left the stage....(gone home) and do post mixing of the audio channels that are now on the dvd syncronized with the video.....

    that way i can remix a 2 channel dvd

  2. wilkes

    wilkes Regular member

    May 31, 2003
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    We've met on a different forum on this topic.
    What you want to do can only be done the way I suggested previously.
    Using a standalone writer, there is no way to write a surround audio track .
    This must be authored using a computer.

    AC3 is not high resolution either, so try the DVD-R forum for more.

    To get multichannel surround sound onto a DVD requires the audio to be multitracked and mixed as a 5.1 surround project.
    AC3, or DVD-Video Audio, has to be encoded using either a software encoder or Dolby Hardware, and it will NOT produce anything that can be written "on the fly".

    DVD-Audio is something utterly different.
    It uses up to 6 channels of uncompressed audio, at varying bitrates and sample rates.
    It also cannot be written at all using a standalone recorder - there is no such thing exists to the best of my knowledge, as all such discs require at least basic navigation facilities, and these have to be authored.

    If you want to record and mix later, as I told you before, you need to multitrack in the traditional manner.

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