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DVD Authoring Software - Need Recommendations

Discussion in 'Video capturing from analog sources' started by joep42, Oct 17, 2004.

  1. joep42

    joep42 Member

    Mar 5, 2004
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    I have visited this forum many times and have gained invaluable information on how to convert my VHS home videos to DVD (especially from Minion). I have researched and experimented and finally made some small steps. Here is where I am now:

    1. I capture my VHS videos via a Canopus ADVC100 box and WinDV. A winning combination!

    2. I edit my captured video (avi files) with Microsoft's MovieMaker 2.1. It easy to use, meets all my simple editing and timeline/storyboard needs, is rock solid, and while MM2 grinds away in background, I can use my system for other things without any problem. I save the edited files as DV-AVI (NTSC).

    3. Based on what I have read in this forum, CCE-Basic is one of the fastest and best products to convert the AVI files to MPEG2. I downloaded the trial (but limited) version and it worked well but the trial version only converts/saves three minutes of video. However, from what I see on my monitor, video (and audio) quality is excellent in all respects.

    [bold]My Question:[/bold] At this point, I need no further editing, I am happy with the MPEG files created by CCE-Basic and would like to any suggestions on what software would be best to author my MPEG files to DVD-disk (via a Plextor 708A). I have heard good things about DVD-Lab (a Minion favorite) but it may be to powerful/complex for my needs at this point. TMPGenc products appear to be more suited to my immediate needs.

    I'm retired so cost is of concern. My system is a Dell 1.5 GHz/256 Mb Ram, with a dedicated 120 Gb 7200 RPM 8mb Buffer hard drive dedicated to video files only.

    All suggestions would be most welcome.
    Thanks everyone.
  2. Frankwm

    Frankwm Member

    Sep 20, 2004
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    Thus far I have found TMPGEnc DVD Author & WinDVD Creator to be the most user friendly (noob, as it were) authoring programs. Creating custom menus with THPGEnc is a cinch. They both have a bunch of preset menus, too.

    You can download trial versions of both & they are relatively inexpensive to purchase.

    I prefer CloneDVD2 for burning, simply because I have never had a single "coaster" from using it. Also fairly inexpensive.

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