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DVD Burning

Discussion in 'DVDR' started by rookie95, Jan 23, 2004.

  1. rookie95

    rookie95 Member

    Jan 19, 2004
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    I've read the guides for DVD copying but since I am new at this I am still unsure of the final step. I know that DVD Shrink will take a DVD larger than 4.36GB and compress it to fit on a 4.7GB DVD-R and that DVD Decrypter should be used for discs smaller than 4.8 GB. However when it comes to actually burning the DVDs I am unsure. I have Pinnacle Studio 8 that came with my video camera, Sonic MyDVD that came with my burner and Easy CD Creator vers 5. Can any of these programs be used to burn the files created by DVD Shrink or Decrypter? I know everyone says that Nero is the best and has also mentioned RecorNowMax, but I would rather not buy a new program if one of the above would work. Please help.
  2. Ketale

    Ketale Regular member

    Dec 1, 2003
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    Hi rookie95,

    the actual number here should be 4.38GB, but I assume you just made a little typo. The reason for this number is that DVD Decrypter is able to make an exact image of the DVD [bold]and burn it[/bold] to a DVDR - thus the original has to fit a DVDR as such, therefore the number 4.38GB. You use DVD Decrypter in ISO-mode to do this. Thus we have now a program that you already own and that can burn DVDs. (Sorry I don't know about Pinnacle nor MyDVD, but I have my doubts about those)
    In order to burn files made with DVD Shrink using DVD Decrypter you need a little free software called ImgTool Classic, you can download it here

    Its very simple to use and the interface between ImgTool and DVD Decrypter is automatic, hereĀ“s how it goes:

    1) open ImgTool and select the folder containing the VIDEO_TS folder

    2) type in a temporary name for the image files, which DVD Decryper opens and burns to dvdr with the settings that you have used in DVD Decrypter. (Thus for selecting burning speed, open DVD Decrypter in ISO-Write mode and select the wanted speed, then close DVD Decypter)

    3) Type in the name for your DVD

    4) click the "image" button. After creating the image, it will automatically open DVD Decrypter and burn the disc.

    Simple as that.

    Oh yes, I forgot, you need the newest version of DVD Decrypter, but I guess you already have that.

    Hope this works out for you.

    Last edited: Jan 23, 2004

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