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dvd identical clone

Discussion in 'DVDR' started by alphafox, Dec 13, 2002.

  1. alphafox

    alphafox Guest

    Hi friends.
    > I have a simple question (forgive me if this is not the right forum to ask).
    I have a dvd-rom and i'm planning to buy a dvd-burner, my question is, can i
    make an identical image of any dvd by burning directly from the dvd-rom to the
    dvd-burner? Thanks.
    > Keep up the good work guys.

    best regards.
  2. DVDPlanet

    DVDPlanet Guest


    Yes, you can clone your DVDs, but not straight from your drive like you just mentioned. First you'll have to RIP it and then either STRIP or SPLIT and BURN

    A picture means a thousand words
  3. omegaboy

    omegaboy Guest

    And where's the picture you talking about, DVDplanet?

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