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dvd playback

Discussion in 'Video playback problems' started by hildred, Feb 4, 2007.

  1. hildred

    hildred Guest

    yes it seen like more dvd movie after burn playback freezes/skip/lockup why i am used fab platinum update and my buner is sony 820a/sony 710a i used verbatim/4x/8x/16x/sony4x so why
  2. onya

    onya Guest

    Hi Hildred, firstly, your using a very good brand of media. Most problems that occur as described, are due to burning at a speed that's too fast. Generally speaking, burn at half the speed the media is rated at. The best choice for you would be to burn at 8X speed. Use 4X speed only if you have to, and burning at 2X speed can also produce it's own problems.

    Don't discount the fact that a dirty lens, can also produce abnormal behaviour. See how you go, and post back if those problems persist.

  3. hildred

    hildred Guest

    thank you for the infor. yes i still have freezes/skip/ with dvd+rw 4x i burn 9 this week i used one 16x verbatim/5 verbatim 8x one 6x dvd-rw and one dvd+rw it lockup all verbatim so what next thank you for the infor.
  4. onya

    onya Guest

    Hi again, Have you played the copied DVD's in a standalone player?
    Do you use your pc for other things, while you burn DVD's?
    Have you used a lens cleaner on your sony drive?
    What software do you use for copying DVD's, from start to finish?
    Sorry to ask more questions, but all info helps.
  5. hildred

    hildred Guest

    no i have not used a lens cleaner at all how do i get one i used dvd fab platium 3 thank you for more infor
  6. onya

    onya Guest

    The lens cleaner I use is a Phillips brand. It looks the same as any CD disc, but generally, has two small wiper brushes on the underside. These are available from most music stores, computer parts suppliers, the list goes on. For around $10-15 mark, they are a handy tool to have.

    To be honest, using a cleaner may not solve your issue, but it wont hurt. I have to assume you've tried a standalone player, and that you don't multitask your pc during the backup process. So far things are not looking too good for the sony drive. Lets face it, nothing lasts for ever. There are two more suggestions for you to try, before I'm stumped.

    1). Right click on the My computer icon and select Properties, click on the Hardware tab, and select Device manager. Double click on DVD/CD-ROM Drives, double click on the drive your using(sony), and on the general tab it should show you if there is a conflict/problem with that device. If "this device is working properly" is displayed, then quit. If the display shows anything different, post back with the details of what's written.

    2). Visit the link below, for other software to use, the software is mostly free. So don't buy anything else just yet. There are some guides on how to use those specific programs also. The programs I use are as follows:
    DVDFab Decrypter (free)
    AnyDVD (pay)
    DVD Shrink (free)
    RipIt4Me (free)
    Alcohol 120% (pay)
    ImgBurn (free)
    These are used in different combinations, to get the best backup I can. Make a backup on a new DVD-+/- RW disc, using the freeware suggested and see if that produces a successful output. If it does, then happy days. If not, time to get another drive. :(



    EDIT: forgot the link :p
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