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DVD player - Formats

Discussion in 'DVD players' started by sateeshm, Feb 22, 2008.

  1. sateeshm

    sateeshm Member

    Feb 22, 2008
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    Good day!

    I would like to buy a DVD player. I am confused with diff formats and features available in the market. I want to know what is the diff between Divx and Mp4. I find Divx format with some and Mp4 with some other players. Which one is the best to buy for me. If possible please suggest me the features to be considered to buy a DVD player and also the best brand.

    Thanks in adv.
  2. Gibber1

    Gibber1 Member

    Mar 4, 2008
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    High Defition DVDs are the biggest technology these days. There are 2 types of High Defition DVD called: Blu-Ray and HD-DVD. I don't know of a DVD player out that will play both types of dvds. You purchase 1 or the other. I think Blu-Ray will win but you never know. DVD players that play HD-DVD or Blu-Ray will still play normal DVDs that you have purchased over the years. I would go with a Blu-ray DVD player. You need to think down the road. If you think you'll be purchasing a high defitnition tv then get a DVD player that has HDMI. HDMI is a type of cable used to connect the DVD player to the TV that sends both audio and video. If you plan on purchasing surround sound, then make sure the DVD player has Optical out, which sends audio "Dolby Digital & DTS" surround sound to your surround sound receiver.

    If you just want to hook your dvd player up to a non-high defition tv (old tv) then just pick up the cheapest well known name brand blu-ray dvd player. You may want to wait for the blu-ray dvd players to become cheaper.

    DIVX is a video format typically found on downloaded movies.
    MP4 is a type of audio file like MP3
    I think you meant MPEG4 - which is also a video format like DIVX. There are tons of different video formats. If you watch mostly DIVX movies that you burned to disc from your computer then make sure that LOGO is on the dvd player you buy. If you watch store bought DVDs then buy the Blu-ray dvd player. I hope this isn't too confusing. I find the more the information the better the decision.
  3. goodswipe

    goodswipe Guest

    Where have you been? Blu-ray has won.

    If you're gonna buy a Blu-ray player and you use an HDMI cable for your video, no need in purchasing an extra toslink (optical) cable cause it will not carry the new HD audio formats such as DolbyTrueHD and DTS-HD. You want to get full use out of your player and the HDMI cable has the bandwidth to carry the formats. Make sure you get a certified HDMI 1.3 cable. Also, don't be fooled by those Monster cables they sell at those brick and mortar stores. You can pick up a cheaper cable that will do the same thing as a 100 dollar cable!

    Don't buy a Blu-ray player to hookup to your non HD television. I can see no reason for doing this! If you don't want to take the plunge into Blu-ray hi-def just yet, buy a Toshiba HD DVD player. You can get one of those right now for as cheap as 70 bucks. It will play SD DVD as well as HD DVD. Those Toshiba HD DVD players are some of the best up converters on the market. Remember, HD DVD lost the format war so there will not be too many new releases in that format. You can watch well over 500 HD DVD's that are out there now, as well as import HD DVD's. Also, only do this if you plan on or have a hi-def tv.

    Want just a regular DVD player with no up conversion? The Toshiba S-D4000 is a nice progressive scan player. It also is a DivX certified player, so it will have DivX playback functionality.

    As for your Questions about DivX and MP4?/MPEG-4?. Read the following below.




    The info relating to DivX and MPEG-4 was taken from the aD glossary.
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