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Discussion in 'DVD players' started by tomys, Jan 19, 2007.

  1. tomys

    tomys Guest

    Is there any dvd player that play burned cd's and dvd's (burned as DATA)with .AVI/DIVX Formats.I have a lot of movies downloaded and burned on DVD'S as Data Disc which I am already playig on my computer with Media Player/ Divx plugin.Can I play those data dvds
    (single dvd contain avarage 4 movies)in any DVD player avilable in market. Can somebody help me . thank you
  2. Indochine

    Indochine Regular member

    Dec 21, 2006
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    There are many many DVD players which will do this. This type of player is a big seller these days. The Philips dvp642 is one well known model lowest price I've seen is $49.99 but it just one of many models by different makers out there. Some are by big name brands like Sony, Toshiba, Pioneer, etc, and also there are many Chinese or Taiwan or Korean made models which may have different brand names in the US and Europe and Britain. You do not say what country you live in, so i cannot tell you what brands to look for. You can even get them in supermarkets.

    I have an Ellion player, I can get around 5 divx movies on one DVDR disc, I got 12 on a dual layer disc. I bought the player from Amazon in England. Also brands like Tevion, Kiss, Yamada, Umax, and lots more! are out there. Some are very cheap. The Kazuki DVD-2700X DivX DVD Player costs £24.95 inc tax here in England, that's just under $50 US. You want to look out for "mpeg4 DVD players".

  3. animalz

    animalz Guest

    well i have a teac dvd player.i don't really know the model but it plays basically every movie that i burn.im not sure if it plays data dvds though.

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