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DVD-R / CDR burning using ASUS and Pioneer

Discussion in 'DVDR' started by helli, Nov 11, 2004.

  1. helli

    helli Member

    Nov 11, 2004
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    hello all,
    i'm having a strage problem:
    for a long time i was using this ASUS x52 burner, which have produced a fair amount of coasters as long with this symptom:
    CD appears to have burnt ok.
    when i open it with explorer (i explore it), it starts accessing the CD to display the thumbnail,
    then in some stage Explorer just crashes immediatly and re-spwans itself, each time giving some other error message (some time invalid memory address, some time general error).

    So basically i had to check every time the CDR after i burnt it.

    Now, i have decided to go and spend money on this Pioneer DVR108 of which i've read is VERY reliable.

    Burning CDRs with this one is a breeze, no such phenomenon as with the ASUS drive of coasters.

    BUT, today i made my first DVD-R burn, and it seems that the same problem re-appears!!!.
    I burnt about 5 files of 700mb each, tried to explore the newly burnt disc, and explorer crashes.
    however, when accessing each file (movie file) through the BSPlayer/Media Player/MV2 directly, it plays the file flawlessly!.

    I'm burning on a Ritek compatible disc (G04), using ASPI, have a SATA HDD, and a 2.6Ghz CPU with 512MB ram.
    I'm burning through Nero 6.3, and right now i'm totally uninstalling and installing a newer version, this one is the only one i can think of thats making the problem since it's the only common thing between the two problems.

    however every insight from you guys would be great

    PS i've searched the forum and found no such phenomenon occured.
  2. Sandman2

    Sandman2 Member

    Nov 13, 2004
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    Hi there, I'm not sure if you would have fixed the problem by now but, to me this sound's rather
    Windows-Ish and nothing to do with your drives.
    In the past I have had Memory address error messages rear there ugly head and found them to be software related that unfortunatly were only fixed with a Format and re-installation. Did you try starting with a fresh windows install when you had your ASUS drive? I know it's a mission but this is always my last resort before turning the Tech's $$$.

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