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DVD-R freezing during record from VHS?

Discussion in 'DVDR' started by cat1004, Aug 11, 2007.

  1. cat1004

    cat1004 Member

    Aug 11, 2007
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    Hey there...

    We had a LiteOn LVC 9006 DVD/VHS Recorder, which we bought to make dvd copies of about 35 home videos. Well, we figured that it had to be a piece of JUNK, because it continually freezes up, especially during the copy process. We would try to copy the vhs, and then, at any random point in the movie, the DVD player would freeze and not respond to anything. We would have to unplug it to make it turn off, even. It had a tendency to do this with certain movies - some would transfer without a problem, but others were "problem tapes". It was VERY frustrating.

    So, after wrecking about $20 worth of DVDs, we finally said that we needed a new one. So, today we bought a Panasonic DMR-Es36V, and we started again. In general, we have to say that it works much better than the LiteOn - faster, ETC. We were even able to copy one of the problem tapes :) We thought life had improved. However, lol, this was not the case. On the second tape, the same thing happened VERY close to the end of the video - it all froze up and would not respond. We had to unplug it again.

    Now, the third thing that is going on is that when we put the DVD into our laptop (brand new Dell inspiron), it sometimes freezes up the DVD drive.

    This makes us want to cry. Restarting the laptop is so sad :(.

    My hubby just said maybe it's the DVDs. We are using Sony DVD-Rs. Any ideas???

    (Sorry this got so long... I am chatty, LOL)

    Catherine - PLEASE HELP!
  2. IHoe

    IHoe Senior member

    May 21, 2005
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    ok...... some drives and burners are picky on what media to use.... you will get freezing and skipping with lower quality media or media that's not recognized by your drives and burners... this the notation of being picky! here are some recommendations:

    1. burning speeds: burn at 4x so there will be less writing errors (rule of thumb is to burn at half the rated speed of the disk--8X disk burn at 4x).
    2. read manual for your stand alone player and use the disks that will play in your player. If your player is less than 2 yrs old then it should play the + or - R disks! I said SHOULD that's why you read the manual.
    3. try booktyping your drive to DVd-ROM so it will make your +R disks more compatible to players. Read this:
    4. make sure that there are no finger prints or scratches on your disk that make it hard for the player to read the disk!
    5. use good quality media (rule of thumb....buy the ones that are Made in Japan.) Verbatim is a top notch disk and is the only exception to this rule....some Verbatims are made in Taiwan and they are top notch!
    6. and don't burn too close to the outer edge of the disk ..... which will make the disk unreadable! but using good media you will be able to burn close to the edge better than lesser quality media. Just in case I only burn no closer than 4400MB, so if you can set your programs to that, all the better!

    follow these little tips of the trade and you'll have better success! good luck.

    also read this:
    why the +R media is better than the -R media

    this definitely sounds like a media problem! good luck and welcome to Afterdawn.

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