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Discussion in 'DVDR' started by maguila, Sep 25, 2002.

  1. maguila

    maguila Guest

    Please HELP!!!

    Im trying for the last 2 weeks to understand the process of backing up my dvd movies for my kids, so they don´t mess up the originals.
    I know that I need to rip the dvd, then with ifoedit extract what I don´t want so it will fit in a 4.7 g dvd r.
    I burned several dvd r without results.
    The following is an explanation step by step on how I did it, so you can undertand and see what I did wrong, and hopefully someone could give me the right way to do it.

    First of all, I only want the original movie with subtitles in english and spanish, and audio in english and spanish(if the original have them.

    I started using Smartripper, and rip the movie (SHOWTIME)) to my hard drive.
    Then opened IfoEdit, opened, browsed to find the VIDEO_TS folder and opened the VTS were the movie is.
    The looked were the program chain is (the largest one) and see the VOB-Ids ( in this case 5 and 6).
    Opened the VOB extras, checked the boxes, strip stream, strip VOB, correct VOB, correct IFO and correct new(did not checked Remux,rebuild and split) Everything in VOB file options checked.
    Selected a destination directory, pressed OK, and checked what I wanted to keep, 1 dolby 6ch audio, and the subtitles.Clicked strip-it.Then checked the VOB-ID 5 and 6, clicked strip-it again, waited for almost 30 minutes, when finished closed Ifoedit and reopen it. Opened the folder that I created and clicked GET VTS sectors. Checked that my new folder wad under 4.36g (was ok) Renamed the folder to VIDEO_TS and burned, using again samrtripper.
    Result: I CAN¨T WATCH THE MOVIE!!!

    PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    MAIL: coaching@sion.com
  2. neil_sue

    neil_sue Guest

    did you make sure that you included an audio_ts folder when you burnt this to disc if you didn't it wont work ( audio_ts folder needs to be empty ). also try using dvddecretor instead of smart ripper and rip the WHOLE movie not just the film as ifo edit seems to prefer this.
    Try burning with prassi or nero in udf mode this seems to always work or use ifoedit disc image Give it a go !!!!

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