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DVD-RAM disk puzzle on my LG burner (FAT32 vs UDF)

Discussion in 'DVD recorders' started by Indochine, Mar 26, 2007.

  1. Indochine

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    Dec 21, 2006
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    I have had an LG GSA 4160B dvd writer for over 2 yrs now, it came with my Shuttle XPC that I had built for me, I didn't choose it specially. I never really used DVD-RAM disks even though the drive will work with bare ones. Reason being, I bought a pack of Panasonic 2x~3x bare disks and installed Nero InCD, formatting in UDF-2, but kept getting "this disk is unusable messages", and I was finding that the predicted copy time for even a smallish file would start off small, like 2 mins and end up at 120 mins. Hogging the machine while it did so. So I decided to abandon dvd-ram.

    However the other day i got curious when I found a couple of RAM discs in my cupboard, so I tried the Panasonic dvd-ram driver that's around on the web, and this time I formatted a previously difficult disk in FAT32. This time around, it works like a little champ! Files copy quickly, it does not hog the machine like InCD did.

    Has anybody else had a similar experience?

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