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dvd re and cce sp 2.5/2.6 fast options quality vs dvd shrink deep analyst

Discussion in 'DVD / BD-Rebuilder forum' started by gus738, Nov 11, 2009.

  1. gus738

    gus738 Guest

    hi i was wondering if i were to choose the fastest options in DVD RE how would the "fast" method of dvd re compare in terms of quality to dvd shrink with deep analyst ? which would be fastest and which would be best at those given settings.? movies will be done to dvd5 with all options enabled.

    i have anydvd and clonedvd2 as well (latest update)

    and yes i tried looking for answers and i cannot find any,

    my dvd rebuilder is pro 1.26.6

    my cce sp is either 2.50 or 2.67

    i have a intel pentium 4 540 (3.2 with Hyper threading) 1 gb ram windows xp home sp3 ati radeon x800

  2. syxguns

    syxguns Active member

    Jan 13, 2006
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    Well, what you have to look at is the length of the movie, the speed of the action, and the compression ratio.

    As far as DVD Shrink and CloneDVD, they both transcode movies. This is fine if the movie compression ratio is around 70% or higher.

    Transcode: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Transcode

    DVD RB is an encoder. As you stated, you are using CCE SP, and by encoding the movie there will be no loss in quality. I tend to transcode smaller files because encoding takes a lot of time. I do however, encode movies with a lot of action even if the ratio is at 70% because there will be some loss in quality if I transcode the movie.

    In case you were not aware, DVD RB has the ability to do multiple movies while you sleep. This is what I do when I have several movies that I want to encode. Remember that the time will vary depending on your CPU and Memory. Just remember that it is best to do it when you are going to sleep.

    By the way, the best way to accomplish this is to take the time to edit the movie before you burn. For example: Removing all FBI Warning, Previews, Special features that you do not want, Subs that you do not want, additional languages, etc. There are free ways to do this and paid for ways to accomplish this task.

    What I use...
    AnyDVD: Rip to HDD.
    DVDReMake Pro: edit the DVD and change menu's.
    DVD RB: For larger files or fast action movies.
    CloneDVD or DVDShrink: For smaller files.

    Note: without the ability to change menu's, DVD Structure, Combine two disks on one, along with many other things you have the option of using VobBlanker (Free program) to remove unwanted material. You may download it here on Ad!

    I hope that answered your question.
    Last edited: Nov 14, 2009

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