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DVD Read speed stuck on 2x in UDMA mode

Discussion in 'DVD players' started by alanso102, Feb 1, 2004.

  1. alanso102

    alanso102 Guest

    I am using a Sony DRU-510a with the firmware upgrade and no matter what I try it will only read at 2x.
    I have confirmed that it is not stuck in PIO only mode. I have tried everthing are there other windows settings that effect this? I also use a Serial ATA hard drive and I've noticed that windows is not real friendly with it, could this be my problem? I have also read about other brand of players that stuck at 2x until you hold the eject button for 3 seconds for sound purposes, does the Sony have the same type of hardware blocking?? Please help...

    Windows XP Home
    Abit KV8-MAX3 motherboard
    Athlon 3200+ 64 bit
    1gb Corsair 400mhz ram
    150mbs Seagate SATA hard drive
    Sony DRU-510a sith firmware upgrade
  2. alanso102

    alanso102 Guest

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