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DVD recorder to record VHS Tapes??

Discussion in 'DVD recorders' started by Video-Pro, Feb 10, 2005.

  1. Video-Pro

    Video-Pro Guest

    Ok, I have bought and returned 2 ILO DVDR04's and now a Liteon 5001. I have mentioned the problem in another thread about the inability of these units to record and then be able to play back on a standard DVD player. All I get is a directory structure which will not play.

    What DVD recorder do I need to buy to be able to copy my VHS collection to DVD and still be able to play them on a standard DVD player? I have a Cyberhome 300 and I have had several friends try them in their units and I still have the same results. :(

    The ONLY way I can make it play on standard DVD players is to use dvddecrypt and DVD shrink and then reburn it with Nero. This is a BIG hassle!!

    I hope someone has an idea and I thank all of you for any help!!

  2. FESCSteve

    FESCSteve Member

    Feb 2, 2005
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    As was mentioned in the previous thread - it's probably your DVD player that cannot play the + or -R format. YOur Cyberhome DVD player may have older firmware than your friends. I had the same problems with my Ilo and my Cyberhome, but the DVDs would play in others players so I chalked it up to my Cyberhome. Now the Cyberhome is used to feed video to the Ilo.

    My suggestion would be to get another DVD player and retire the Cyberhome as I have mine.

  3. Video-Pro

    Video-Pro Guest

    Thanks again for the help. Is there a way to update the firmware in the cyberhome 300 player??

    Also, when you record a movie on the ILO, what do you get when you are able to play it back? Does the movie just start playing from the beginning or do you have a square that shows the movie and then have to select that square to play it??

    Thanks again for everyone's help on this. Hopefully soon I will figure this out and maybe be able to help someone else with this problem!!


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