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Discussion in 'DVD recorders' started by wrongway2, Apr 22, 2005.

  1. wrongway2

    wrongway2 Member

    Apr 22, 2005
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    Does anyone know anything about the RCA DRC8295N OR THE SYMPHONIC SR90VE dvd recorders if anyone of them is any good
  2. missionnt

    missionnt Guest

    Just purchased the Symphonic SR90VE. Backed up my wedding vhs. Works great in video mode.It works with all of my older DVD players. But video mode has one annoying limitation-it only can designate "chapter markers"- in set time intervals( 5,10,15,20min) but not at certain specified points. Very important especially when there are key periods during family events such as.... graduation.

    The SR90VE does have a different feature the "VR mode" that can trim video and designate those key points in your video. The process was easy but times taking- no frills, but it works. The problem with this mode which the company fails to point out, was it only works with DVD players that are compatible with "VR". It is not compatible with any older dvd players and even some of the new ones.
    It works great with recording shows b/c you can trim the video before storage. It has commercial skip feature.

    Pros: easy. inexpensive cost me $150.00 at Walmart. creates backs up VHS in video mode that is compatible with all DVD players. Commercial Skip feature. VR mode can trim videos and designate chapters.
    Cons:Video mode- features are annoyingly limited.
    VR mode DVD are not compatible with many of the current DVD- may be this will change in the future. Even in the VR mode it only can trim videos but not split chapters-very important.

    overall: the SR90VE is a no frills DVD recorder/VCR combo that works well depending on your need. If it is to record shows from TV then its great. If you need to back up old home VHS videos with out any special features then its great.
    I would not purchase this if you are planning any fancy enhancements to your old VHS video.


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