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Discussion in 'Video capturing from analog sources' started by vlro, Apr 19, 2005.

  1. vlro

    vlro Guest

    I have been having a DVD Red PRO for awhile. Only recently have I had a real opportunity to try it out. I can get the unit to only blink slowly no matter how I hook everything up.

    I have been copying my home video tapes to DVD with success. I want to be able to copy my video collection that are copy protected to DVD. Is this possible or did I buy the wrong unit to do this?

    I have the following equipment:
    Sony RDR-GX300 - DVD Recorder
    Sony SLV-NT50 - VCR
    Advent Q14351 - TV
    Archer 15-1276 - Super Video Processor

    Thanks for any advice you can provide.
  2. Minion

    Minion Senior member

    Sep 28, 2003
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    Well the DVD Red Pro is Supposed to be one of the Best Analogue ANTI-Copy Protection devices out there.....

    You should Contact the Manufacturer and ask them how to use it or what is wrong with it.....

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