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DVD Region Properties

Discussion in 'Video playback problems' started by Lola939, Apr 1, 2007.

  1. Lola939

    Lola939 Guest

    I have A HP740i dvd burner. It will not play back Original DVD Movies. I checked the properties and the DVD Region is greyed out and it will not let me choose a DVD region. The message said that I have changed the Region 5 times and can not change it again. I did not change the DVD region I tried HP Support, but they were no help. How can I reset the DVD region on my DVD player? The dvd player was working fine until I downloaded Explorer 7 and than deleted it.
  2. pkirkaas

    pkirkaas Member

    Dec 28, 2003
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    I don't know anything about your hardware, but you could try downloading the freeware program "dvd region killer", which works great for me, it's worth a shot.

  3. Lola939

    Lola939 Guest

    Thanks Paul, I tried dvd region killer but it didn't work. HP Support said to do a system recovery, but I may just buy a new dvd burner.

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