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dvd rip avi to svcd

Discussion in 'MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 encoding (AVI to DVD)' started by seijuro, Jan 5, 2003.

  1. seijuro

    seijuro Member

    Nov 25, 2002
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    i got a dvd ripped of minority report in avi format n was wondering how can convert it 2 svcd so i can burn it n play it on my dvd...i dont have a dvd burner so i dont think i can burn dvds.
  2. memcco

    memcco Regular member

    Nov 24, 2002
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    no, not worth it. avi to vcd is your best bet. here are some instructions i prepared for a friend that you can use:

    These are avi files, which means that they are compressed...makes it a faster download.
    You can play them in Windows Media on your computer, but that's boring.
    To convert them to vcd for burning onto cd's, you'll need some video processing software,
    and a few other things. All are free except the Video burning software.
    I recommend going to http://www.nero.com and pay the $50, install, go back and get the
    update and install it. It's great, easy to use, and will tell you how & why you screwed
    up, if you do. You all know how to reach me if you have any questions.

    For instance, in no particular order, you'll need Nero, VirtualDub, TMPGEnc (i recommend
    version because i use it with no problems), and a few video codecs.
    The most important one is at http://www.divx.com ...go get the free divx player
    and install it. It will give you the divx5 codec. Without it, you won't be able
    to do squat with most avi movies, especially the svcd ones....they're the best.

    You can get everything I'm talking about from from here:
    I'll provide the TMPGEnc- software for download.....the newest one keeps asking you
    to pay for it....I hate that. After downloading TMPGEnc- and TMPGEnc-,
    unzip TMPGEnc- to same folder that TMPGEnc.exe is stored, then run "TMPGEncVFP_Install.bat".

    I have created a folder on my desktop called video. In it I put the Shortcuts to all my video
    processing software...just makes things easier to find.

    After downloading a movie....by the way, I recommend NOT doing anything else while your Processing.
    And I mean...NOTHING! If your computer decides to reboot all by itself a few times, don't panic.
    Just delete the partial file that was created and start over. These softwares is very good,
    but they are resource hogs. I have 512 mgs of ram...and sometimes it happens 2x before it goes all
    the way through the process. This is usually a result of not running it very often.

    Each part of a movie can take anywhere from 47 minutes to an hour or so to process...not long.
    A lot depends on the speed of your processor. Mine is 1.5 gigs....if you have a 400 mhz processor,
    it could be a few hours per part.

    Now, after downloading a movie, check it out in win media for quality. If you got it from me,
    it's probably a decent copy. It'll look a little better watching it on your TV than your computer.
    Right click on it, left on properties, and, at the top, left on Summary. In the audio, you
    want to see MPEG Layer 3 under audio format. In Video, you want to see either a divx codec under
    video compression or mpeg4v7 or something like that. You need to know, in order to choose your process.

    For DIVX:
    If it's divx, then open VirtualDub.
    1) Go to File, open video file...select your movie, click on open.
    2) Up top, go to video, left click. Slide down to full proceesing mode and left click.
    Back up to video, left, compression...make sure Uncompressed RGB is highlighted. OK.
    3) Go to audio, left click, slide down to full processing mode, left click.
    Back up to audio, slide to compression..make sure that No compression PCM is hightlighted. OK.
    Back to audio, conversion, put the dot in 44,100. OK.
    4) Go to file, save WAV, then save it in the same folder as the video. It's gonna be huge..1/2 gig or more.
    This doesn't take very long. Call it Pt1wav - or Pt2wav, whichever.
    5) When it's done, close out VirtualDub.

    Open TMPGEnc:
    1) Look for Video source and click on the appropriate "Browse" button. Select the same movie.
    2) Look for Audio Source and click on the appropriate "Browse" button. Select the wav you just created.
    If you did both wav parts, make sure you select the "right" one. That's why labeling them
    is very important.
    3) Look for output file name and click on browse. Might as well save it in the same folder, only call it
    "name of movieCDPt1 or 2...for example...SignsCDPt1. It's also gonna be huge.
    4) Then click on load...bottom right, middle. Select "VideoCD (NTSC).mcf". Click open.
    You should now see something like this in the long bar at the bottom:
    Video-CD NTSC (MPEG-1 352x240 29.97fps CBR 1150kbps, Layer-2 44100Hz 224kbps).
    5) Click Start...top left. Processing begins.
    6) When it's done and it's time to do the next one, I recommend clicking on file new project, OK to reset.
    You'll have fewer screwups, if you do.

    For MPEG4v7:
    If it's MPEG4v7 open it straight away into TMPGEnc. You won't need VirtualDub. If you can't open it,
    then you'll need a certain video codec. Let me know, and I'll make it available on the website.
    You could also go to microsoft.com and search for video codecs and download the latest ones there.
    If your win media is up to date you might not need it, but if the movie's been done with a hacked codec,
    you might. Either way, let me know, and I'll put it up for you to download. It installs itself...you
    reboot, then retry opening the movie in TMPGEnc....should work.

    1) You open TMPGEnc, click on the video source browse button, and select the video.
    No need to select the audio...gonna use the one it came with.
    2) Click on the output file browse button and save it as a CD movie as stated above in #3.
    3) Click on load...same as in #4 above.
    4) Click on Start..Processing begins.
    5) Don't forget...when it's done and it's time to do the next one, I recommend clicking on file
    new project, OK to reset. You'll have fewer screwups, if you do.
    6) When burning to CD, use the slowest speed for originals...Nero's is 2X. For copies...use 8X..they'll look fine!
    7) Welcome to Digital Movie Processing..........Enjoy!

  3. seijuro

    seijuro Member

    Nov 25, 2002
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    hey thx a lot man i try it tomorrow btw if i turn it to vcd wouldnt that quality b really bad...bc i remeber watching vcd on my dvd n it really sux...svcd was way better..
  4. memcco

    memcco Regular member

    Nov 24, 2002
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    first off, you need great qaulity to start with...avi isn't it...if you're starting with avi...just because the format is svcd doesn't make it svcd quality...it depends on how it got there. avi is a compressed format. it didn't start out that way. somebody ripped it or did a video capture....either way it was an mpeg to start with. then they compressed it to avi....they changed the bit rate....probably lost some frames in the process..turning it back to svcd isn't going to restore the quality. your best bet is vcd. the other is a long-drawn-out-not-worth-it-process. it did it once and was disappointed....and no, the qulity won't be that bad. if they took it straight from dvd to avi...you'll have a really good vcd copy.

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