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DVD to Audio with problems

Discussion in 'Audio' started by JZEITEL, Dec 15, 2002.


    JZEITEL Guest

    After ripping the VOD files (using SmartRipper)and converted them using DVDtoAVI, I got a WAV file with a lot of noise and almost no audio on it. Any idea? Suggestions? I tried several times (44 and 48Khz) and same result. Thanks.
  2. cd-rw.org

    cd-rw.org Active member

    Jan 22, 2002
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    You might have better luck in the DVD ripping forum, as this forum is mostly for "old school" audio.
  3. littleton

    littleton Guest

    Hi I use the same method for ripping as you
    but what i do is, I rip the VOBS using Smart Ripper, i then use DVD2AVI which Extracts the
    audio to a wave file, then i use a program called Wave Boost
    to enhance the sound, I then convert the Wave to a MP3 format so instead of being around
    220mgb per VOB it reduces the size to around
    22mgb and still retains the sound output you get by using The WAVE Boost program,I then
    add a Wave header to the MP3 File and then use
    VDub to add the audio to the video


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