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DVD2one issues with dvd, claims its processed but only 12k vob written

Discussion in 'DVD2One forum' started by dirtynbl, Mar 4, 2003.

  1. dirtynbl

    dirtynbl Guest

    ok here's the deal. i need to backup my copy of caligula. i ripped the dvd once with smart ripper and once with decrypter. then i loaded it into dvd2one as i have done with tons of movies. dvd2one recognized the movie and the correct streams. i start processing and nothing happens. dvd2one sits for awhile and them pops up with the "Finished Processing" screen. I then go to the folder where the dvd2one out put should be and all the files are there, ifo, bup, vob, etc, except the file sizes of the vobs are 1-10k.

    When I experimented dvd2one-ing straight from a dvd awhile and not ripping first this is what happened. Why is this occurring with a ripped dvd? Its an older dvd, but I thought the rip also stripped copy protection.

    In another note, I tried it in InstantCopy and instant copy freaked out with an access violation or something. HELP!_X_X_X_X_X_[small]POO![/small]
  2. dirtynbl

    dirtynbl Guest

    anyone? i'm desperate.
  3. LuNaTiC

    LuNaTiC Guest

    Did you try IFOedit to process the ripped files and see if it can process the vobs properly?
  4. dirtynbl

    dirtynbl Guest

    yeah, what i ended up doing was setting dvd decryptor to decss like constantly. that fixed the problem. i've never seen this, but my guess is that the dvd was encoded with lots of protection. i dunno. got it to work though thanks.
  5. LuNaTiC

    LuNaTiC Guest

    I think that is called improper authoring. I only came across one DVD's out of MANY like that where they had different css keys on the 2 layers on the disc.
  6. SirMax

    SirMax Member

    Mar 8, 2003
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    I have the same problem, but this is not only with one DVD itis with 90% of all my movies (>4.7 GB). I dont know if this is the same problem, but in my case it copies the small autorun files starts the first vob movie file and then stops. it doesnt do anything. This is
  7. dirtynbl

    dirtynbl Guest

    yeah that's exactly my problem....well here's what i did specifically...i ripped with dvd decryptor and i specifically set the settings (Tools-->Settings-->CSS) to Brute Force --> I/O Key Exchange and then changed the DeCSSPlus Pattern repeat length to 1. That's cleared up this problem the two times I've encountered it. DVD2One has had no problems after that.

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