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Discussion in 'DVD2One forum' started by vpandey, Apr 25, 2005.

  1. vpandey

    vpandey Guest


    could any body explain that what is the difference and does it matter by using and of the dvd2x, 4x or 8x dvds. i have optorite dvd+- rw writer, i dont know which blank media to use.
  2. agent-k

    agent-k Regular member

    Apr 8, 2004
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    Those figures indicate the maximum speed at which data can be written on to the disc.

    Most people that burn movies onto dvd's don't burn faster than 4xspeed anyway as the faster the burn, the more unreliable it gets.

    I've burnt many dvds at 8xspeed and never had any problems with my Pioneer 107 and Ritek discs, but as long as I'm not in a rush I'll stick to 4xspeed.
  3. vpandey

    vpandey Guest

    hi, i have failed 4-5 times. using dvd decrypter, than dvd2one and finally nero smart. i have treied using 4x dvd only once i could use the procedure successfuly, but after that i dont know what i am doing wrong, i cant get it right. could u plzwrite the procedure as in writing for an newbie.

  4. arniebear

    arniebear Active member

    Jan 2, 2005
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    Look in my sig for guides to burning and programs that are available. Read the newbie thread listed in sig that will also give you a lot of information.
  5. ScubaPete

    ScubaPete Senior member

    Mar 13, 2003
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    Actually it sounds like poor media. When using crappy stuff try burning at 2.4X and go to DVD Shrink, edit - preferences - DVD Target size, set it to custom and set the size at 4200MB. Poor media might have little or no dye all the way at the discs edge. Burning slow and not to the edge gives you a better chance of sucess.

    When attempting to achieve the best burn, consider reducing that burn speed to the 4X level. Iffin you have a new 16X, DL burner, you'll probably do well at 6X. It is my feeling that 8X and over leads to occasional coasters, even when using top grade stuff such as Verbatim DataLife Plus media.

    The second part of the solution is to always use a decent grade media. I suggest something like those discs made by Taiyo Yuden, Ritek, Mitsubishi or RICOH. Unfortunately, they are also the discs most plagued by pirate Mfgrs. and for that reason I like dealing with Mertline, Supermediastore OR Newegg who have a great return policy on their products. I have had great luck with RiData and Verbatim DataLife Plus discs and their prices are extremely reasonable.[/b] As a passing note, when buying Verbatim's, they come with a lifetime warrantee. Return them with your sales slip OR register receipt and a new one will be shipped to replace it.

    For the best online media stores to shop, try -





    Shopping around can prove worthwhile - Staples, as of this date, offered HP+R DVD's (LQQked them up in MediaMatch and they are made by Mitsubishi) for $18.00 per 50. Verbatim's were on sale $10.00 rebate for a pack of 25, $20.00 (USD) for a pack of 50 AND Taiyo Yuden where on sale with their –R, 4X DVD's for $.27 each (USD) in packs of 100- a fortnight past – Think of it, TY's for $27 ea. There are sales all the time for the "GREAT" stuff – So you sea, quality isn't always expensive ~

    DVD Video media;

    Memorex is an excellent example as DVD media goes. 90% of Memorex, made by CMC, is sub-standard as far as DVD backups are concerned, figures as high as 50% coasters have been reported (One member bought a stack of 50 and got 23 good burns.), not what I would call an impressive record. Memorex made a name for itself with their magnetic tapes (VHS and audio cassettes) and have been living off it ever since. There are 4 different companies that manufacture Memorex DVD's BTW and product quality varies widely as you might imagine. Only 10% of the Memorex out there, those are discs manufactured by Mitsubishi in the 25 pack spindle , and they're the exception – they are the good ones. It's easy to see now why the quality of a big-named company can’t be trusted - “ Who’s making your Memorex tonight ?”

    Is it just Memorex ? No ! I just used Memorex as an example, Princo, Orange Pack, Great AZO and most "store" discs aren’t all that suitable as a DVD backup media – that’s why we are specific in the type of media we are recommending.

    1. * Cheap media freezes, skips, pixelats and may refuse to be recognized by both burners and players :-( Besides "Freezing", "skips" many times you’ll get a “Cyclic Redundancy error” or an "I/O error". This message can mean that your discs are scratched or dirty, it can also mean that your burner won’t accept your “cheap” media :-(
    Another problem which, “Pops up” is a “*Power Calibration Error”. This can stop you right in your tracks and most often is caused by, Yep, you guessed it, inexpensive media. *A “Power Calibration Error” can also be attributed to the Optical Components of a DVD Writer, though this isn’t usually the case.

    Orange Pack, Princo, Great AZO and 90% of Memorex plus many others are just not that good for DVD burning. Those same discs however, are quite good for your MP3 music, picture archives, Spread sheets and Data..Even DataSafe G04’s made by Ritek have been reported as an inferior quality media and are evoking that “Oh no, I shouldn’t have gotten those.”

    What we are suggesting is to download this DVD Identifier to find out who manufactured your DVD and if it's a decent quality.


    Once you have your disc identified, click the "More information" icon and see what information you're given. if you're not sure of the quality, come on back and we'll check it out for you -

    2. A good grade, Hi-quality media is needed for DVD reproduction ! RiData, Phillips, Sony, "Branded" Ritek G04's or "Branded" Verbatim Data Life, Verbatim DataLife plus, Taiyo Yuden's and generally, almost any discs manufactured by Mitsubishi or RICOH are excellent bets. Among the better discs we're looking for, any media boasting "Advanced Metal AZO" - BUT it must say "METAL" AZO !, this indicates a superior dye and dye application on a good composite disc, while they are sometimes a bit "pricey" they are just the type of media we're looking for to do our DVD backups, Prices online from Meritline.com OR Newegg.com have gotten Ritek G04 starting at about a $ .45 (USD) a disc –

    For DVD backups, purchasing inexpensive media or even average media is a gamble, some people win BUT the majority lose, they lose varying amounts true but, they still lose :-(



    See articles in my sig at the bottom of my post ~

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