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dvd2xbox - help making work

Discussion in 'Xbox - Software discussion' started by double-r, Jan 26, 2005.

  1. double-r

    double-r Member

    Jan 25, 2005
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    Set-up: xbox v1.0, chip xecuter 2.6, bios x2_4983, dashboard evox, hd 200gb.

    Ok. I have gone through the process of installing evox and a new hard drive. Both seem to be working fine. My next step is to install a program that will allow me to save games/dvds straight to the xbox hard drive with no ftp'ing involved. I have read that dvd2xbox is a good program for this. Currently, there are NO other games or applications installed in my xbox; the hd is clean (minus my old, premodded game files on the e:drive). I got dvd2xbox through ftp from xbins. Winrar'd the files into a folder called dvd2xbox on my PC. Next, I FTP'd onto my xbox, and created two folders in the F:drive - "games" and "apps". I then opened /F/apps/ and created a folder called "dvd2xbox", and then ftp'd all the contents of the winrar'd file on my pc into /F/apps/dvd2xbox/. Finally, I looked at the Launch menu on evox on my tv, opened it, opened up "Apps"... expecting to see the program I had just moved on there.... but there was nothing. Nothing at all in there. So what have I done wrong, and can someone provide me with the correct way to fix it PLEASE?

    (also, are there any other programs anyone recomends that I should install in addition to dvd2xbox... for any reasons? keep in mind, I am 100% new to modding, and I am doing this all myself through internet tutorials and help from you guys :) ).

    for reference, here is my current evox.ini file:


    AutoLaunchGames = No
    AutoLaunchDVD = No
    DVDPlayer = "f:\apps\dvd2.0\default.xbe"
    AutoLaunchAudio = No
    #AudioPlayer = "c:\xboxdash.xbe"
    MSDashBoard = "c:\xboxdash.xbe"
    UseFDrive = Yes
    UseGDrive = Yes
    SkinName = Original
    #SkinName = RuDeDuDe2
    UseItems = No
    ScreenSaver = 5
    Fahrenheit = No
    ShadeLevel = 90
    EnableSMART = Yes
    HDD_Temp_ID = 194
    ChameleonLed = 15
    TSR_Type = 0
    IGR = No
    GameRegion = 0


    SetupNetwork = Yes
    StaticIP = Yes
    Ip =
    Subnetmask =
    Defaultgateway =
    DNS1 =
    DNS2 =
    SetupDelay = 0
    SkipIfNoLink = No


    JumpToMsDash = No
    JumpIfNoLink = Yes
    Use24 = Yes
    SwapDate = No
    SNTP_Server =


    Enable = Yes
    Password = xbox


    Enable = Yes


    Enable = Yes
    Name = XBOX_V1.0


    ROM = "EvoX 2.0",0x76fd88337b8d8c1f116f85f3984b98b6
    ROM = "EvoX 2.1",0x99487615bb30670cb65993388fcf2a63
    ROM = "EvoX 2.2",0x220ade778785cfc3c98bb5ea8bbd8608
    ROM = "EvoX 2.3",0xd79bc87c2caa1a50dcc7016adf2ccc0a
    ROM = "EvoX 2.4",0xe3ce66b99957a92fdac40af951c3f1fd
    Flash = 0x01d5,"AMD - Am29F080B",0x100000
    Flash = 0x04d5,"FUJITSU - MBM29F080A",0x100000
    Flash = 0xadd5,"Hynix - HY29F080",0x100000
    Flash = 0x20f1,"ST - M29F080A",0x100000
    Flash = 0xbf61,"SST - 49LF020",0x40000
    #Flash = 0x378c,"AMIC - A29002",0x40000
    Current = 0xc349c2b047a3d6c2de2e1c10185ecf86


    # <Time> =
    # <IP> =
    # <Name>
    # <Version>
    # <CD>
    # <BIOSVer>
    # <KernelVer>
    # <RDName>
    # <SpaceC>
    # <SpaceE>
    # <SpaceF>
    # <SpaceX>
    # <SpaceY>
    # <SpaceZ>
    Text = 30,37,0.5,0x000000,0,"<Time>"
    Text = 28,39,0.5,0x808080,0,"<Time>"
    Text = 620,420,0.5,0x000000,1,"<Name> V<Version>"
    Text = 618,422,0.5,0x808080,1,"<Name> V<Version>"
    Text = 620,37,0.5,0x000000,1,"<CD>"
    Text = 618,39,0.5,0x808080,1,"<CD>"
    Text = 30,420,0.5,0x000000,0,"RD Name : <RDName>"
    Text = 28,422,0.5,0x808080,0,"RD Name : <RDName>"
    LogoType= 0


    Section "Root"
    Item "Launch DVD",ID_Launch_DVD
    Item "Trainers",ID_trainer
    Item "MS Dashboard",ID_MS_Dash
    Item "Reboot",ID_Quick_Reboot
    # Item "Power Cycle",ID_Full_Reboot
    Item "Power Off",ID_Power_Off
    # Item "Lock Harddisk",@210
    # Item "Unlock Harddisk",@211
    Section "System Utils"
    Item "Settings",ID_Settings
    Item "Flash BIOS",ID_Flash_Bios
    Item "Backup",ID_Backup
    Item "Skins",ID_Skins
    Section "Launch Menu"
    Section "Games"
    AutoAddItem "e:\games\"
    AutoAddItem "f:\games\"
    Section "Apps"
    AutoAddItem "e:\apps\"
    AutoAddItem "f:\apps\"


    LogFile = "f:\lock.log"
    Info "This function will lock your XBOX Harddisk"
    Warning "You will now lock your XBOX harddisk and will be able"
    Warning "to boot from an original XBOX bios"



    LogFile = "f:\unlock.log"
    Info "This function will unlock your XBOX Harddisk"
    Warning "You will now unlock your XBOX harddisk and will not be able"
    Warning "to boot from an original XBOX bios"
  2. double-r

    double-r Member

    Jan 25, 2005
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    f'n reboot you tard.

    ug.... f'n noob

    shakes head
  3. punqewe

    punqewe Active member

    Jul 20, 2003
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    Take it easy on yourself.
  4. onelost

    onelost Member

    Dec 30, 2004
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    i can not find dvd2xbox. will you send it to me? onelostmind2003@yahoo.com
  5. Chip718

    Chip718 Guest

    Is there anyway to install DVD2Xbox without FTPing the files? Thanks
  6. elusiv1

    elusiv1 Regular member

    Jun 11, 2013
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    LOL!!!!!!!! Take it easy man!! You forgot to reboot, that's no big deal I do it all the time when I change something like my ip address on system settings. I forget to hit save & exit.
  7. blocparty

    blocparty Member

    Apr 1, 2005
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    yeh i did the same thing and rebooted the xbox but still didnt come in the applications section

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