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DVDFab Rip Really Slow...

Discussion in 'DVD / BD-Rebuilder forum' started by abrogard, Dec 3, 2013.

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    Oct 18, 2002
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    I'm trying out this DVDFab Ripper. DVDFAb The free portion of DVDFab9. I was pointed to it as a good thing.

    I'd ask this question in their forum but they won't let me post yet.

    Why is it so slow?

    I have put the BBC Earth 'Human Planet' disk one in there and DVDFab has been running for 3 hours 16 minutes and it tells me there's 3 hours 34 minutes yet to go.

    I put it on 'ripper' thinking this way there's minimum processing to do. I did it earlier on 'copy' and it went much quicker and made me a DVD5 of the whole thing. Which is not what i want.

    I see here on 'rip' is says 'Conversion: One pass' so that sounds like it is doing some converting.

    The object here is simply to back up my disks. I can't do it in DVD9, can I, because I can't burn DVD9.

    So I need to turn it into a couple of DVD5's, I reckon. For the best result.

    I tried DVD Decrypter and DVD Shrink and I didn't get very good results.

    If I'm wasting my time with DVDFab and there's a better way then I'd like to know about it.. I'm not committed to DVDFab or anything else...

    Anyone got any ideas?

    If it could be a hardware problem I've got an Asus A8NSLI here with an Athlon 64 3200 and a Radeon G800 card. 2G Ram.

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