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dvdSanta, adding MENUs? NVE I/O errors.

Discussion in 'DVDR' started by clickclak, Mar 22, 2005.

  1. clickclak

    clickclak Guest

    Hi all..

    I was loving using NVE for a while, but it started to choke up when it was converting some PAL .AVI files to play on my NTSC player complaining about I/O errors at about 20% through the burn..

    However, dvdSanta does it very well..

    I just would like to know how I can use a menu with dvdSanta, and, if I can't use it with dvdSanta, can someone else reccomend some more programs that CONVERT/ADD MENUS/BURN all in one? I got EDIUS, however, it can't load the PAL .AVI files directly into EDIUS Professional, I have to run it through the Procoder first (Which I'm sure is amazing, but my 22:00 long episodes of Seinfeld take like 1 HOUR just to convert.) dvdSanta was a good compromise between speed and quality, I just want to add MENUS.

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  2. clickclak

    clickclak Guest


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