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dvdSanta, figuring out DISC SPACE?

Discussion in 'DVDR' started by clickclak, Mar 20, 2005.

  1. clickclak

    clickclak Guest

    Hi all..

    I just got dvdSanta, but I cannot figure out how many .avis I can fit onto my DVD.. There is no space indicator before all of the rendering is done.. I don't want to overload my dvds, so I'm stopping at about 2hrs worth of episodes, but I would like to know how much I can fit!

  2. Rotary

    Rotary Senior member

    Apr 10, 2003
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    i dont like dvd santa quailty, i use divxtodvd which is free and better and free also!

    its a case of do a few avi and see what the files total too after encode! you can load multiple files to divxtodvd...

    if the size is over the dvdr size you can always use dvd shrink to fit them on ok! that app is free to!
    Last edited: Mar 21, 2005
  3. scf_au

    scf_au Regular member

    Sep 12, 2004
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    Dear clickclak,
    You're right about DVDSanta---it would automatically fit by compressing files (and losing quality) until it can't take it anymore. The way I do it is to play the avis to check how long they are and to figure out how much I would like them to be compressed (you're probably doing it this way yourself).
    As Rotary suggested, there are better ways. But sometimes I would still use DVDSanta for its simplicity and flexibility (esp. in handling avis and rms).
  4. clickclak

    clickclak Guest

    Thanks for the response :]

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