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DVDx copy platinum

Discussion in 'Copy DVD to DVDR' started by ice_cold, Nov 3, 2004.

  1. ice_cold

    ice_cold Guest

    i just want to say thaxs to 321 studios. i have had this software for about 1 1/2 yrs maybe 2 yrs but i have backed up over 2 to 250 dvds and i will say i still never had to use a TDF file and only one dvd that i know of that i could not back up was girls gone wild number 3 but i put it on a dvd+rw but it was backed just the same. it maybe time to find another program too use later on maybe when this stops working thats all i wanted thaxs 321...........freedom is not a option
  2. ScubaPete

    ScubaPete Senior member

    Mar 13, 2003
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    Hi there ice_cold, welcome to aD -

    At one time or another we all had DVD XCopy so when it worked we were happy, when it didn't we yelled (Lol)

    And way, Here's a little something - it's 100% FREE and does a better job than XCopy, - Ooohhh yes, true, true -

    It's not hard to set up, takes just a few minutes and it does a backup in 3 clicks where XCopy Xpress ver. 3.02 took 4 clicks - (Yep, I ccounted, Lol)

    Here ya go -

    Let’s go get one of your favorite DVD’s and make a copy of it so should something unforeseen happen like an ice flow hitting the Mojave Desert and freezing the original, you’ll have a backup of it -


    Well Ok then, let’s just sit down and get comfy in front of the Big screen TV cause in just a minute or so the “Uncle ScubaPete Show” will be coming on the air –

    - CLICK –

    ”Brought to you this evening by AfterDawn, the “Fat chewing” champion’s location of choice - and under threats by a crazed spear waving maniac, we are forced to present Mr. Brain-Dead, direct from his extend stay at the Happy Hills Institute of the Mentally Disabled and Disturbed Souls, and here he’ll be until it’s been discovered that he’s escaped yet again from that fine facility - and here he is, live and unfortunately still disturbed, it’s Uncle ScubaPete - - - - “

    Ooooohh Boy, Ooohh Boy, The ScubaPete’s so happy I could spit fish !

    Big fat finny fish !

    And what’s soo great it could get Old ScubaPete (the original couch potato) excited ?

    FREE STUFF that’s what, FREE STUFF !

    I know I run behind the times but this needs Shouting Out !

    The new DVD Shrink version 3.2. really started it all !

    (Get your DVD Shrink’s newest version here - )

    Yea I know, it’s been out for a while, like me, I’ve been out for a while but I just found out how truly kweel the new DVD Shrink was -

    We now we can go from Soup to Nuts, with just 2 programs and they are DVD Shrink and DVD Decrypter -

    (Get your DVD Decrypter’s newest version here - )

    First, you should create a folder for your DVD backup before hand. This is the place on your HD where DVD Shrink will work on your movie files and DVD Decrypter can pick them up to burn to disc. Try to put it someplace where you won't forget it - i.e. C:/All DVD work/Pirates of the Caribbean

    Now open up DVD Decrypter - and under "Mode", select "ISO" then "Write" - under "Source" you may leave that blank as DVD Decrypter will find the location that DVD Shrink will put your ISO files in all by itself. Select your "Destination" as your Burner - and make sure that the box that says "verify" is un-ticked (This last one will cut down on DVD Decrypter errors). Do that now. OK, feel free to close DVD Decrypter now because when DVD Shrink is finished it will open DVD Decrypter all by itself.

    Now you can place your original DVD in your DVD-ROM drive and a DVD blank in your burner's drive (If you have two drives). If you only have the one drive, put your original in that drive now. When the time comes for you to put in your blank in either the drive door will open OR a message will appear. As for your DVD media, after all my efforts, it had better be Ritek G04, Verbatim "DataLife", Ridata, Sony or media boasting "Advanced Metal AZO". Other media could well be the cause of errors. Only the very best media should be used for DVD Video backups. Remember that RW discs will probably not play in standalone players. But I suggest that you use your RW now until you get comfortable with the backup process. That way we won't be creating any "Coasters" during our trial period :) Now is defiantly not the time to put your crappy, "Look how much money I saved on these." cheap stuff in. If you don't know what I'm talking about – you had better go back to reading these forum threads and seeing all the poor media complaints -.

    Now go into DVD Shrink, click "Edit", then click "Preferences" on this page we're going to select "DVD Target Size" as "Custom" and set the size anywhere between "4260MB" to "4300" - we do this to make sure that we don't burn to the very edge of the disc. Then, under the "File I/O" tab [bd]un-tick[/b] "Enable burning with Nero" then click "OK". Let's do it now !

    Now let's burn a DVD, OK ? First let's open DVD Shrink, now "click" "Open Disk" and let DVD Shrink analyze (rip) your DVD. If you wish, we can edit your movie now. To trim your movie a little, you can "un-tick" audio you don't want like the foreign audio streams, i.e. Outer Mongolian or Eastern Himalayan Yak language selections or the Director's comments. This will result in your DVD requiring less compression and a better quality picture. If you would like, as I do, to get rid of all the extras and trailers thus compressing your movie as little as possible (giving you the best quality picture), click "Re-author" then, under "Main Movie" select "Title 1" If there are more choices, look at the time and select the longest one as that is usually the main attraction. Click and drag the "Title 1" from the right-hand side of the screen to the left-hand side, under the "DVD Structure" (DVD) and release it there. Bingo, Bango, you are done editing, giving you the least compression (best quality), backup possible. Now select "Backup" to get ready to finish.
    If you want a total backup, that's all the things on the original disc. We need to be sure that the "Full Disc" icon is depressed. Don't try to cheer it up and don't worry, it likes being "depressed". There's no problem in doing a full backup as long as we don't see any "Red" on the size bar at the top. (If you should see some "Red" there, on the size bar, simply "Un-tick" any foreign languages, Director's comments or DTS sound boxes until the "Red" disappears.) With no "Red" visible on the size bar we just let the "Automatic" (Default) settings alone. THEN we select "Backup". Take just a second and under "Target Device" go to "Select backup target " once there, select "ISO Image File and burn with DVD Decrypter". We're almost done, where it says "Select target image file", browse till you find your created folder for your backup and click "Save". Finally,
    That's it ! Click "OK" and DVD Shrink burns that ISO image to your HD. It then opens DVD Decrypter and has it burn the ISO image to your waiting blank DVD. - Believe it or not, that was as hard as it ever gets - Why is that you ask ?

    Because the next time all those boxes you had to do this time are already done –

    "Pissshaaa," you say.

    "Naaah." Says I. "Tis the most honest truth !" I added. :D)
    "Really and truly !" I stated.

    “OK, Ok, What now.” Says you.
    (OOOhh, Pooohh, I gotta stop this “says you, says me,) It’s wearing me fingers out) - - (Switching to regular typing mode - - "clink", "Pop", -) - Done –

    OK, time to move on (switching to the moving on mode - click, %@# rattle - snap, - #%@-Ouuuch, S@it, that hurt -,
    OK, I got it -CRUnch&#$ ) - - Moving on -

    And I KNOW you aren’t going anywhere near that PC while it’s working cause you don’t want me a-smackin your knuckles with my Nun’s ruler do ya ?

    Yea, I thought not. - Screwin’ up the burn this late in the game would cause me to choke on my fine finny fish dinner -

    Now tell me, - - -

    Wasn’t that finer than frog hair ?

    Slicker than a southern slimy slithery sloth ?

    Yep, ya see there, I thought you’d say that -

    Truly fine, that backup was - -

    “Hark, I heard a Backup Beep” –

    Aaauuugh, the officers in the white coats and armed with the big nets and straight jackets are here - a-backing up to my front door - nice talkin with you, this old ScubaPete just remembered he has to be somewhere, anywhere (looking for the backdoor) - -

    Enjoy youse selves and your backed up DVD’s –

    I’ll be a-seeeein’ ya round the ‘ole Chuck wagon –

    Ooohhhhh, I almost forgot –
    We expect ya to send word by way of de Pony Express on how you made out – Don't you forget now – we're expecting to hear from you -

    Now where are my quarters, and Where’s ol’ Paint, me trusty Horsie - - -

    Gotta go, gotta go - (jamming quarters in ole Paint’s neck)

    Get’em up Gurttie, gotta go, click, clump, (feedin’ in more quarters, maybe Paint’ll go
    faster - )

    Clippity, clippity, clippity clop -

    an we’re off – Sea Yaaaaaaaaaaaaa - -

    (Remember, when you want a guide with an attitude, shop ScubaPete :)

    Ooohh yea, in case you were afraid I'd forget - here's the count -

    DVD XCopy clicks -

    1, "Is this a rental or borrowed DVD."
    2. "To use this program you must agree to respect the rights of the copyright holders.
    3. "Movie Only" OR "Entire Disk"
    4 "Start"

    DVD Shrink clicks -

    1 "Open Disc"
    2. "Backup"
    3. "OK"

    Enjoy my friend, enjoy,


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