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DVDXcopy Xpress and Sony DVD RW (dru-510a)

Discussion in 'DVDR' started by R_Regan, Oct 25, 2003.

  1. R_Regan

    R_Regan Guest

    When I burn a coaster using Xpress (dvd xc gold v2.5.0) it seems to stop at the same point no matter how long the movie is or what speed/brand of blank I use. Also, xpress says "successful burn" and ejects the dvd when there was 40 or 45 minutes displayed under "time remaining." I used a program from Sony to check the burner and it olny burned to about the same spot (1/3) of the blank and finished the process with "read and write passed successful."

    I've completed all applicable processes from the "Blacklist," still mastering in making coasters. I've completed Sony's troublingshooting tips, cleaned my registry, updated windows, and disabled all programs (msconfig) without any results.

    2 things I haven't did (trying not to screw things up futher or beyond a point of restore), ASPI Update and firmware update. I don't know how important these two processes are but keep in mind, I've removed the 321 disclaimer in movies that burned completely (speak of which, every DVD that was writen to fully or more than 90% of the disc, burned the complete movie..what gives). I have not received 1 (one) error code on any of the functions or processes (install, update, check, verify, test) conducted by either Xpress or the burner. Yes, I am a Newbe and I need help (free coasters for everyone), thanks.

    My Specs:

    1.5ghz P-4
    256mb Ram
    Maxtor 7200 rpm 120gb HD
    WinXp Pro SP1
    Sony DVD RW (dru-510a
    Pioneer DVD ROM (DVD-116)
  2. DVDPlanet

    DVDPlanet Guest


    What OS are you using?
    Version of software. I know DVDXCOPY or DVDExpress has been a pain in the butt to use for newbie. Always a problem.

    sounds like it could be both the media and the software. The best best is to try to use DVDRW discs. This way you can rewrite to it again and again. If you can give me more info, I think I can trace the problem for you.
  3. R_Regan

    R_Regan Guest


    OS: Windows XP Professional SP1

    Software: DVDXCopy Gold v2.5.0 (which includes Xpress)

    (I was using the DVD-R's in case they are defective or not compatible but 2 friends are using the same media, Sony burner and Xpress software)

    I just update Sonys' Firmware and re-installed DVDXcopy Gold. I will try to burn a movie and not another coaster, thanks! (be back soon)
  4. #afonic

    #afonic Regular member

    Aug 27, 2003
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    It may seem crazy but some people had problems with burning DVDs AND CDs with the SP1 of WinXP.
    Install them without it if you can.

    If your device burns CDs correctly then probably the problem is not that.
  5. kirky

    kirky Guest

    I have the same Sony Burner and also using the same software DVD x copy xpress. I am also having the same problem with it only burning a small amount of the disk and then saying "successful burn". Basically have done everything you have done and running same operating system etc, all to no avail, will not burn beyond about 9% of disk, please let me know if you have any success with problem.
  6. dvdS.L.S

    dvdS.L.S Member

    Jan 22, 2003
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    Hi Guys ,
    I have a Sony DRU500Ax.and I ahve not had any problems.I was told to NOT install any of the software that came with it because SOME of the
    software screws up x copy.
    Read some of the threads on x copy web site
    because they discuss this issue.
    Hope this helps
  7. R_Regan

    R_Regan Guest


    Here's the short version:

    I have 2 drives (DVD player and DVD burner). I didn't set the jumpers according the "Quick Start Guide" for 2 optical drives. I set the jumper to the same setting of the CD burner that I replaced with the DVD burner. Their are 4 options or ways that Sony reccomend you install your burner, I initially took the first option without thinking or reading the other options.

    I thought it was the brand of media I was using (3 different types) or the driver because I didn't install any of Sony's software. I change the jumper setting on my DVD player and DVD burner to master and slave according to the cable markings and Sony's quick start guide and I have burned 11 or so successful movies that play back completely. Wooooooooo Hoooooooo!!

    Check your Quick Start Guide and JUMPER SETTINGS

    USE DVDXCOPY'S SOFTWARE. (uninstall all Roxio related programs and reboot 2 or 3 times) Remember to uninstall DVDXcopy and re-install after any changes are made to your computer.

    Man, with the the things I have tried during the past 3 weeks I feel like an Expert......not. Good luck, I know how you must be feeling.

  8. R_Regan

    R_Regan Guest


    You are so Right, Do Not install the software that comes with your DVD burner. XCOPY will install it's software with its on drivers. In fact, DVDXcopy Gold v3.0.2 is the lastest thing smoking. It allows Xpress to copy the complete DVD (by compressing it even more to fit it all on 1 DVD).

    The quaily pays the price, but it is unnoticed on a TV because the resolution is lower on a TV than on a computer. Here's the sweet part, if you purchased Xpress or XcopyGold, you can download the update from their web site (all you need is your License number and password). I'm impressed!!
  9. R_Regan

    R_Regan Guest


    your right but before I took on a DVD burner, I was burning CD's with a quickness (48x & 52x). Most of the time I will do a compatibility test but with new or the lastest software out there, they make sure they meet microsoft's standards. Hince, all the legal battles.

    A friend bought his burner 3 months ago (same brand I bought) and until I watched a copy he made I wasn't planning to upgrade, instead I wanted a computer with the burner already installed (no conflicks).

    That copy I watched changed my mind, besides my friend had already worked out the bugs, so I thought. My problem was caused by me.....hince the term newbie. Not in computers but in upgrading or going inside my computer.

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