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Dye colors chart (with pictures)

Discussion in 'CD-R(W) Media' started by Pio2001, Apr 8, 2003.

  1. Pio2001

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    Jan 20, 2002
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    I though that a color chart would be useful to discuss the silver/gold, pthalo/cyanine/azo issues.

    A scan can't reproduce the exact color of the CDR, but I used the same setting for all scans, including a pressed CD, so that the scans can be compared between them. I listed the other CDR brands that I own and that have the same color as the ones scanned.
    I inserted a sheet of plastic between the scanner glass and the CDRs, in order to diffract light and make their color more apparent, because scanning directly pthalo/silver CDRs return a black/rainbowed picture and the real light green color is not visible.


    Top : Dark cyanine silver / dark cyanine gold
    Middle : light cyanine silver
    Bottom : pthalocyanine silver/ pthalocyanine gold

    I have this dark cyanine color on TDK, old Fnac... here, two old HiSpace. The gold one appears black, but in reality, it is dark green.
    I have this light cyanine color on a Lead Data
    I have this pthalo/silver color on Mitsui SG, Ricoh, Fnac, Teac made by Mitsui, HP made by Mitsui...here, Mitsui Golden Dye.
    I have this pthalo/gold color on Kodak InfoGuard, Fnac gold... here HiSpace gold.


    Top : Super Azo / Metal Azo
    Middle : Black
    Bottom : Alu / Gold pressed CDs

    Azo (on silver) is only found on Verbatim made by Mitsubishi.
    I've got Memorex black CDR... here HiSpace carbon.
    All my pressed CD are in Aluminium, like the bottom left hand corner one, exept the bottom right hand one, Ghost In the Shell soundtrack, SonMay, Hong Kong. My father has a similar gold pressed CD, classical arab music.

    The pictures of the pthalo silver, pthalo gold, pressed alu, pressed gold, light cyanine, and super Azo ones look like in reality.
    The dark cyanine on silver, metal Azo, and especially dark cyanine on gold are not very good pictures._
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