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EAPOL locks system

Discussion in 'All other topics' started by Mr_Del, Jul 23, 2007.

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    Feb 3, 2005
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    For months I have had a problem with my system locking up at random. I figured it may be a failing CPU or power supply. I just learned to live with the problem. Well things got interesting when my Power supply did die. The problem was still there so I investigated. I did what I should have done months ago but you sometimes dont think of such things. I checked the logs. Cleared it all out and started checking the logs at each lock up.

    This is what I found. EAPOL was the last thing to load each time the system crashed. It does not start at boot and when it does start it imediatly stops. At that time my system has crashed. After searching arround I found this has something to do with WIFI. I do use WIFI and this prosess must not be needed to make it work since I am on WIFI while EAPOL is not loaded up.

    I have tried to combat this by removing EAPOL in my network adapters. WIFI still works but EAPOL still insists on loading up even though I removed it from network settings.

    I have been unable to cure this and all I find on the net is what it is and what it does. not instruction on how to make it stop loading up. SO with all that said, How do I rid my system of EAPOL. IT is not listed with processes so I cant kill it there.

    Please help


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