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Easiest way to Softmod Halo 2

Discussion in 'Xbox - Software discussion' started by TrevTec, Jan 14, 2007.

  1. TrevTec

    TrevTec Member

    Jan 14, 2007
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    So I've been getting a lot of messages asking me how do I mod halo 2. So here is a long well thought out explained answer. I am not responsible for what you do to your xbox or what xbox live will do to your xbox. But I will warn you that you WILL be banned from Halo 2 Matchmaking forever. So without the further ado.


    Assuming that you have already softmoded your xbox, this tutorial will help you FTP and Mod Halo 2

    1) First, we will have to get your maps off of your xbox. Open an internet browser and as a website address type in,
    ex) ftp://xbox:xbox@

    2) There will be a bunch of folders named with letters. There should be C, D, E, G, F, ect. These are your hard drive divisions. The E folder is your halo 2. So open up the E folder.

    3) Now there should be a couple folders. Open up the TDATA folder. Now find the folder that ends in 64. It is called 4d530064.

    4) Next, there will be 2 folders. $c and $u. Open up $c.

    5) Now there should be 3 folders. 4d53006400000001, 4d53006400000002, and 4d53006400000003. These folders contain your halo 2 maps that will soon be modded. The one that ends with 001 has Containment and Warlock. The one that ends with 002 has Deltatap(Sanctuary) and Turf. And the one that ends with 003 has everything else. Now leave it alone.

    6) What you want to do is have a folder on your desktop called Mods. In that folder you want 2 more folders called BackUp Maps and Modded Maps. now in your Modded Maps folder, you want 2 more folders called Mods and Patches. And anything else you want may be added. THIS WILL MAKE YOUR LIFE EASIER IN MODDING. Now go into your BackUp Maps folder and leave it alone.

    7) Now that you have your folders, you want to copy your maps in to them. Go back into your FTP folder and go to the first folder that contains Containment.map and Warlock.map. Drag and drop both of them one at a time into your BackUp Maps folder. When your done with that folder, go to the next folder and do the same thing. Drag and Drop. Then when your done do it again for the last and final folder.

    8) Now you want to copy those 9 maps from your BackUp Maps folder to the Modded Maps folder. Make sure it's in your Mods folder.

    Now I would like to give you a CONGRATS for getting this far. It is all downhill from here.

    9) We have to patch your maps to mod them. Open up your patching program. Now depending on your type of patch, you need the correct program. If your patch is a .SPPF then you need Super PPF-O-MATIC. Now if it is a plain old .PPF, then that is when you need PPF-O-MATIC. I suggest downloading them both for the future.

    10) You will have 2 spaces in your program. The first one is for your .map and the second is for your patch. To the right of the spaces there is an icon. It looks like a floppy disk. Click it. Now you will have to find your map that you want modded. When you find your folder make sure you are taking the map from your MODDED MAPS FOLDER. NOT YOUR BACKUP MAPS.

    11) In the next space, click the icon. Now look for your patch that you have downloaded or made. When they are both opened, click Apply Patch. You should have a pop up telling you about its success. Do this with all of your maps.

    12) Now we have to fix encryption. If you do not have a signature encryptor, you can try it with only a resigner. You want to fix the encryption for a safer map. So you won’t fail to load your map. Open your map in your program and click fix encryption or resign.

    13) Now that you have modded your map, open up your mods folder. And go to your map that you patched.

    14) Now drag and drop your modded map into your correct FTP folder. By correct folder I mean make sure you have Containment.map in your folder ending with 001 and not in 002.

    15) Continue this process of transferring until you have transferred all of your maps.


    So there you go everyone. No more questions on how I mod. You may add me on TrevTec v2 if you have any problems.
  2. backupguy

    backupguy Regular member

    Jan 7, 2006
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    nice job
  3. DeadRain

    DeadRain Regular member

    Nov 21, 2006
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    this is what, the 8692357th unesscary tutorial? we have enough
  4. xxteakxx

    xxteakxx Regular member

    Jul 20, 2006
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    It's simple and easy to understand, but I mean come on, I don't know how anyone could get lost modding halo.
  5. janrocks

    janrocks Guest

    Neither do I.. It's kindergarden stuff. And to think they have whole sites full of this junk..

    Comments on the tutorial/guide.
    Nice and clear, very well written. Explains things well and walks through all the steps clearly and in the right order...
    One thing... while reading it I thought some pictures would be nice, a few screenshots etc..remember the muppets who can't mod halo and need a guide, well most of them can't hardly read, let alone understand...

    Overall.. It should stop any more pointless "how do I mod halo" threads as we can link them here and then ask for the question thread to be closed..

    Nice job..8/10 ;-) (I'd have given it a 9 if it had pics)

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