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Easy CD/DVD Creator 6

Discussion in 'DVDR' started by Neo_11, Mar 14, 2004.

  1. Neo_11

    Neo_11 Guest

    Just had a quick question. I know Easy CD DVD doesnt seem to be too well respected 'round these parts so I will be brief. I am still new to burning DVD's and I tried using Easy to make myself a copy of one of the movies I own. I used DVD Shrink first, then tried adding the VOB files to a compilation in Easy. However, I was only able to add one file to be burned because after the second file was added it wwas well beyond 4.36 GB (according to Easy). I burned that one file on a DVDRW just to see if it would work...and it did...pretty good quality too. I have burned many other movies with the Gear DVD trial, using Shrink before-hand, so, why was there a size issue with Easy CD DVD?
  2. ScubaPete

    ScubaPete Senior member

    Mar 13, 2003
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    Couldn't tell you, Roxio is disliked that much. When I had my system built almost 2 yrs ago, I used Roxio for my Music CD burning. I thought it was great for that, but when I tried to get into DVD backups, it was either get rid of CD Creator or let my DVD collection be - My neighbor LOVES to burn his own music CD's so, pretty much the story ends there -

    I would suggest to you that you add your files together using DVD Shrink, compress it using DVD Shrink and THEN use Roxio to burn with if that's what you want - The few here that do use Roxio (when I say few, you might wait a very long time for them to show up and answer your post) use it for burning only, not for complication -

    Try those uncharted waters, no telling what you might find :)

    Good luck in your exploration -


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