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Echo Gina soundcard very nosiy?

Discussion in 'Audio' started by cr8250, Dec 3, 2003.

  1. cr8250

    cr8250 Guest

    I have a Echo Gina soundcard, which I installed today. No matter which analog outputs I try the sound is quite noisy. The card is hooked up to a Sony receiver and I have never had any trouble with my trusty Turtle Beach Santa Cruz. I should note I didn't uninstall the TB, thinking I could run them both for certain situations such as games, etc.. I have tried lowering the volume output from the Gina console, but this did not help. Any ideas? I am running both Win 98se and 2k.
  2. cr8250

    cr8250 Guest

    Well, here is an update. I isolated the problem to Winamp 3. I listened to some files on Sound Forge without problems, then switched back to Winamp with major probs. I went back to 2.91 and all problems are gone. It's great to know there isn't anything wrong with the Gina!

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