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EEPROM Recovered- Help needed Please

Discussion in 'Xbox - Hardware boot discussion' started by 120chevy, Jan 11, 2007.

  1. 120chevy

    120chevy Member

    Jan 11, 2007
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    My friend and I have been working on a v1.6 Xbox for the last few days. We were getting Error Code 7 on the original Xbox HD. We had originally thought the HD had just up and died. We ended up making an EEPROM reader which successfully retrieved the eeprom.bin. (Thanks Unicron!) We know it was successful because we were able to unlock the original drive and reformat the drive with xboxhd.

    After we reimaged the HD we then put it back in the Xbox to only get another Error 7. So we found 2 other hard drives laying around which we loaded and locked. When we hooked each HD up we got error code 6. Unplug the non-original, hook up the original, and we get error code 7. Either way it goes original HD is Error 7 or upgraded HDs are 6.
    We have rinsed and repeated the steps several times just to retrace our steps. The only thing different between Error 6 and Error 7 is that “6” errors out much more quickly than “7”. Even if we disconnect the DVD drive we end up with Error 6 or 7. (My understanding is we should be receiving an error on the DVD drive with that type of setup.) We know the HDs are lockable and we don’t see any issue there. Visibly I cannot see any flaws on the MB. There has not been any modification to the board at all.

    We do not have a mod chip as we are only into softmoding at the moment. I was wandering if this is a sign of the on board bios being bad or if any of you guys had any other “non-modchip” ideas. If it comes down to needing a mod chip we will go in that direction but for now we are trying to do it any other way. Would flashing TSOPs be a route we should take next?
  2. theridges

    theridges Guest

    i dunno what the problem could be.....might be bad IDE Cables....if all else fails TSOP Flashing or just buying a 15 dollar Duox2 Modchip would be the way to go...

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