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Emulate CD-R CD-RW

Discussion in 'CD-R' started by monolyth, Oct 8, 2003.

  1. monolyth

    monolyth Guest

    I have been searching for an Emulation that will allow me to create ISO images from a <d:> drive letter.

    I use an OLDer Management database that had Gig's of data <<cantsay>>. We search the data for specific files and then the software burns the data to a cd.

    {lots of money went in to the creation of this system it works well. to bad the company that created it <<cant say>>went out of business. it has a lot of bells and whistles with pretty little icons and html pages THAT MAKE ME PUKE!} sorry ... I then take the CD and copy the data to my HDD and manipulate the files to meet the contract specs. ...
    Here's the good part...

    I don’t want to burn the CD's any more.
    I want to write a slave cd program to emulate the CD-RW cache and strip the data as it enters the buffer then write it out to a data file.

    My big problem is the source code. I am a programmer ... sort of ... I am paid to program in VB VBA and NOTES and I am an OK programmer. (I can spehell worth a dam but I try).

    Where can I find out how to access the CD-WR API and create a Fake CD drive letter?

    I see all kinds of programs that use CD-Images ... where can I get the Data I need and the knowledge to write the application

    Any help would be much appreciated
  2. Shoey

    Shoey Guest

    Best solution I can come up with is using a "virtual stealth drive", however, the data still has to be written to a cdr(w). Once that is accomplished, you "mount" that image. One can burn bin& cue file format from a created virtual stealth drive (Daemon Tools, Alcohol 120%) but I'm not sure about burning iso file format. I'm not a programmer and don't pretend to be one, merely a certified computer technician...

    Shoey :)
  3. monolyth

    monolyth Guest

    I am using Daemon_Tools to do that with my .ISO files.

    My problem is the PMD software won't create the files I need untill it burns the CD, and the files i can access ("TMPq" directory)during the burn process wont let me open them i think the software writes out each sector at a time in to individual files(p010002542.imd)

    What i was actualy looking for was a lead on how to WRITE my own ASPI layer to act as a CD-RW Drive.

    but thank you for your response.
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  4. Shoey

    Shoey Guest

    I specialize in backing up cd protection (Safedisc& SecuROM) mainly, NOT programming .


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