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Encrypted Data?

Discussion in 'DVD2One forum' started by projecTOE, Mar 6, 2003.

  1. projecTOE

    projecTOE Guest

    I just tried to use DVD2ONE on a double disk back-up of harry potter, that I made. I copied both disk's .vob sets to a dir (just copied with windows explorer because home burnt DVD's arnt encrypted right?) then joined them with .vob edit created .ifo's and then proccessed with DVD2ONE and it stopped on the 3rd .vob with error message: encrypted data detected, DVD2ONE cant proccess encrypted material... Hrmmm, Ideas?
  2. LuNaTiC

    LuNaTiC Guest

    Your right, homemade DVD-R's shouldn't have any copy protection on them and I recently did that exact process to a put a 2 DVD (Oliver) backup onto 1 dvd and it worked fine. If the 2 DVD's were made with DVDXCOPY that may not be the case though, I dont use the product but I heard that you are not suppose to be able to copy those without re-ripping the files from the backup discs. Maybe try using smartripper to process the new files on your harddrive, I dont know if it will work but its worth a try.
  3. loaded

    loaded Moderator Staff Member

    Jun 2, 2002
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    Yes, for some reason, you can't copy DVDxCOPY backups, they have some kind of protection. Best to RIP from the original again. You could rip from the DVDxCOPY copy, but you have two discs, I can't remember if the vob files will need renumbering and reauthoring, but probably.


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