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Error 2002 bad public movie atom...

Discussion in 'iPod discussion' started by stranick, May 28, 2007.

  1. stranick

    stranick Guest

    I am recieving the above error on a few of my movies, I have been able to successfuly convert some movies from dvd to my iPod using the software I have. (AVEX dvd to iPod) I also have Quicktime Pro and am using Vista????? Has anyone else recieved this error and is there a fix or is the movie protected???
  2. jazo132

    jazo132 Guest

    When are you receiving this error?
  3. stranick

    stranick Guest

    Sort of answered this on another thread to you, but will do so again, I get this error after conversion and after I have tried unsuccessfully to transfer to ipod. when i go into the file where my movies are kept and double click on the movie this error comes up. Other movies that converted and transferred with success are in this same folder.

    Look this up on google and they referred to a quicktime error. so i bought QT Pro hoping that would solve the issue. but hasnt

    thanks for you help
  4. jazo132

    jazo132 Guest

    Just noticed the double post. Please don't double post, as it is against forum rules. ;-)

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